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Graduate Asian Business Society Leadership 2018-19

Graduate Asian Business Society Leadership 2018-19



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Peggy Wong, Full-time MBA, Class of 2018, VP, Diversity, MGSA Board

Peggy Wong

"I am excited to build out the MGSA VP of Diversity and Inclusion role this year to the next level. I look forward to providing more opportunities for the MBA community to practice inclusion and supporting each affinity group in their vision and goals."



Linda Zhang, Full-time MBA, Class of 2019, President of GABS

Linda Zhang

"It has been so rewarding this year as the President of GABS, to watch this club grow to over 200 members and yet still be able to cultivate a close network of Marshall students and alumni, where members share social, professional, and recruiting experiences with one another. My vision this is to provide an open and safe community where Asian Marshall students can network and ask for guidance regarding anything related to school. Having social, cultural and educational gatherings is a large part of what makes GABS feel like a home-away-from-home for many of these students, and is also a fun way for us to share pieces of the various Asian cultures represented in the club with non-Asian students."