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Alumni Association 213-740-7900
Communications 213-740-9000
Dean's Office 213-740-6422
Development Office 213-740-0038
Executive Education 213-740-8990
External Relations 213-740-0038

Academic Departments and Units
Leventhal School of Accounting 213-740-4838
Data Sciences and Operations 213-740-0172
Finance and Business Economics 213-740-6515
Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies 213-740-0641
Business Communication 213-740-0627
Management & Organization 213-740-0728
Marketing 213-740-5033

Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Admissions 213-740-8885
Undergraduate Advising (BA or WBB) 213-740-0690
Undergraduate Advising (Accounting) 213-740-4838
Undergraduate Programs Office 213-740-5811
Undergraduate Student Services 213-740-5705

Graduate Business Programs
Accounting Master's Programs 213-740-4838
MBA Admissions (Full-Time, Part-Time, EMBA) 213-740-7846
MBA Full Time Program Office 213-740-6548
MBA Part-Time Program Office 213-740-0629
MBA EMBA Program Office 213-740-6410
MBA Career Services (CRC) 213-740-0156
IBEAR MBA 213-740-7140
Master of Business for Veterans 213-740-5719
Master of Management in Library and Information Science 1-877-830-8647
Master of Management Studies 213-740-3198
Master of Medical Management 213-740-8947
Master of Science in Business Administration 213-740-3198
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management 213-821-4079
Master of Science in Business Analytics Program
Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics 213-740-3198
Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis and Valuation 213-740-3198
Graduate Certificate in Management Studies 213-740-3198
Graduate Certificate in Marketing 213-740-3198
Graduate Certificate in Optimization and Supply Chain Management 213-740-3198
Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business 213-740-3198
Graduate Certificate in Technology Commercialization 213-740-0641
Ph.D. Program 213-740-0676
Graduate Certificate in Strategy and Management Consulting 213-740-3198

Research Centers & Institutes
Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab 213-740-9098
Center for Effective Organizations 213-740-9814
Center for Global Innovation
Center for Global Supply Chain Management 213-821-4079  
Center for International Business Education and Research 213-740-7130
Center for Investment Studies 213-821-1126
Center for Technology Commercialization 213-740-0641
Global Branding Center
Institute for Communication Technology Management 213-740-0980
Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies 213-740-0641
The Sports Business Institute 213-821-7060