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Todd Cushman
Sustaining Success
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Brown University

Todd Cushman came to Marshall looking to develop an entirely new skill set. The founder of a successful surgical-device manufacturing and distribution business, Todd eventually sold his company to Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology. Now part of a vastly larger corporate environment, the Brown-educated entrepreneur recognized that he would need the skills only an MBA could provide. Choosing Marshall's EMBA program was an easy decision. "For me," he says, "it was perfect: I liked the courses and the professors, and the way the program was structured enabled me to balance a busy career and family life." EMBA met another of Todd's key criteria: a defined beginning and end point. "I didn't want to drag a program out forever," he says. Instead, he was eager to finish his degree and pursue the opportunities it presented.

From the outset, Todd was struck by Marshall's strong sense of community and "'fight on' spirit." His classmates forged a common bond, offering one another support and a broad range of perspectives. "Everyone had such interesting backgrounds and experiences," he says, "so when you had to tackle a business problem, you could examine it from multiple angles."

For Todd, a Marshall MBA was about more than just exposure to diverse viewpoints, fascinating international travel and access to the school's renowned alumni network. Marshall also offered a curriculum that emphasized both business fundamentals and cutting-edge business strategies, making it highly relevant to "the modern challenges and opportunities occurring in business today." This focus on "the things it takes to sustain success" proved invaluable as Todd sought a ground-floor opportunity with Bioness, an innovative provider of technology that helps people recover from neurological disorders. Today, he is the company's senior global manager of business development.