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Dhiraj Malik
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For Dhiraj Malik, the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR MBA was not so much a stepping-stone as a “personal turn around.” He had been working in India and the Middle East in sales and marketing for over ten years, but at the age of 34, felt that life was too predictable. “Wanting something more was what prompted me to take a break and attend IBEAR,” he explained. “I thought, there’s got to be something more that I could do.”

Benefits of IBEAR:
As someone going back to school for a mid-career change, he found the intensive one-year program more attractive than a longer one. Once there, he credits Jack Lewis, the director at the time, for encouraging him to consider management consulting. Jack arranged introductions with other IBEAR graduates who were working in consulting firms. One IBEAR alumnae reached out about an opening at their firm, Gemini Consulting, and a new career was born for Dhiraj. He now runs his own consulting firm in Silicon Valley. He explained how IBEAR helped with this: “Consulting is a combination of working analytically--that is, making sure that you understand the people side of things as well and making sure you understand the culture of the company that you’re working with. A lot of the companies I’ve worked with are global. I credit IBEAR for preparing me for this.”