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Fabiola Pereyra
A Talent for Marketing, Nurtured at USC Marshall
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After six years as working as a consultant with Accenture, a leading management consulting company, Fabiola Pereyra knew it was time for a change. It was exciting working in glamorous and exotic locations around the world, from Belgium to Brazil, she said. But she found that she was still searching for the missing piece to her career puzzle.

"I enjoyed consulting, but after working directly with marketing teams on numerous projects, I knew marketing was my destiny," explains the 2005 MBA graduate of USC Marshall. In her current role, as Hispanic Marketing Associate for Nestlé USA, Ms. Pereyra is involved in seeking opportunities for products imported from Latin America. Monitoring the demographics of the growing Hispanic population, she identifies products that are popular in their native countries. Those items are then imported and distributed in the United States through Nestlé USA., Ms. Pereyra "owns" the brands assigned to her, and oversees everything from development to distribution to promotions and advertising.

Consumer packaged goods was a natural career choice for Ms. Pereyra. She says she has always been intrigued by the way some companies are able to dominate a category and capture mindshare. A large part of her job is to understand why people choose certain products over others, and what motivates their buying decisions.

Reflecting on the MBA program at USC Marshall, Ms. Pereyra says that Professor Joseph C. Nunes's course in Marketing Strategy stands out. "It was a rigorous course, but Professor Nunes has a unique ability to engage students in a very real way." She chose USC Marshall over several other schools for its collaborative environment. "At the end of the day, what matters most in the real world is how well-rounded you are. Can people work with you?"

Using her experience in corporate brand management, Ms. Pereyra hopes to eventually create her own line of fashion. In the meantime, she's happy to achieve her goals at Nestlé USA, one product at a time.