Requirements for Completion

To complete the program, students must satisfy all requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and 16 upper division units in the emphasis.

Business Core Courses

  • BUAD 280 Introduction to Financial Accounting Units: 3
  • BUAD 281 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Units: 3
  • BUAD 302 Communication Strategy in Business Units: 4
  • BUAD 304 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Units: 4
  • BUAD 306 Business Finance Units: 4
  • BUAD 307 Marketing Fundamentals Units: 4
  • BUAD 310g Applied Business Statistics Units: 4
  • BUAD 311 Operations Management Units: 4
  • BUAD 425 Data Analysis for Decision Making Units: 2
  • BUAD 497 Strategic Management Units: 4
  • ECON 351x Microeconomics for Business Units: 4
  • ECON 352x Macroeconomics for Business Units: 4
  • MATH 118gx Fundamental Principles of Calculus Units: 4 *
    MATH 125g Calculus I Units: 4 **


*Placement into MATH 118 is contingent on successful completion of MATH 117 or obtaining an acceptable score on the math placement exam. The MATH 118 requirement may be waived with an AP Calculus AB or BC score of 4 or higher or an IB math score of 5 or higher.

**A-level mathematics examination scores of A or B may receive subject credit for MATH 125. Eligible students should speak with their academic advisers for additional information.