USC Students Applying to Leventhal


USC students who wish to major in accounting must complete the following steps. 

Step 1: Apply for admission to the Marshall School of Business

Prerequisites for admission:

  • WRIT 130 Analytical Writing or WRIT 140 Writing and Critical Reasoning (4)
  • ECON 351x Microeconomics for Business (4)
  • MATH 118 Fundamental Principles of Calculus or higher (4)

Marshall Undergraduate Advising Office: BRI 104, 213.740.0690 Webpage

Step 2: Meet the admission requirements for the Leventhal School of Accounting

Earn a 3.0 (B) grade point average, with no grade lower than a B-, in the following classes:

  • BUAD 285ab or BUAD 286ab or BUAD 280 and 281

Transfer students: 
Earn a 3.0 (B) grade point average, with no grade lower than a B-, in two community college courses AND BUAD 305x Abridged Core Concepts of Accounting Information (4).

Step 3: Change your major to Accounting

After being admitted to the Marshall School of Business and completing the LSOA requirements, you can change your major to Accounting. Students will receive an email with more information on how to change your major.



The accounting minor is valuable to students seeking an understanding of the accounting process and its applications in modern society. Moreover, it offers training for entry into positions in government, industry and social service organizations. The accounting profession seeks to attract students from all major disciplines. The Leventhal School of Accounting anticipates students to be drawn to courses in accounting for the following reasons:

  • To help prepare for careers in public and private accounting or other fields that require a basic knowledge of accounting/business.
  • To understand that employers are looking for individuals who possess the ability to analyze and evaluate complex business problems, and the interpersonal skills and maturity to make decisions in an increasingly client-focused environment.
  • To appropriately plan and complete the undergraduate work necessary for the pursuit of a graduate degree in accounting. 

Approval Criteria:

Completion of 32 college-level units
Cumulative (overall) G.P.A. of 2.75
Non-Business majors ONLY; Business (BUAD) majors are ineligible


You must apply and be admitted to the Accounting Minor by the Marshall School of Business.

For minor applicant instructions, go to the Marshall website: or drop by the Marshall Undergraduate Advising Office in Bridge Hall Room 104.

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