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Can I become an accounting major if I am a non-business major?

You must first be admitted as a business major prior to changing your major to accounting.

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Is there an application process for the Leventhal School of Accounting?

No. After being admitted into the Marshall School of Business and completing the admission requirements for the Leventhal School of Accounting, you can change your major to Accounting by filling out a change-of-major form available in ACC 101.

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Can I repeat one introductory accounting course in order to meet the admission requirements for the accounting major?

Yes. In meeting the B average required in BUAD 285ab or BUAD 286ab, only one of the courses may be repeated.


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Can I repeat my accounting courses from the community college or BUAD 305 in order to meet the 3.00 GPA admission requirements?

Yes. You can repeat one of these courses in order to meet the 3.00 GPA admission requirements.


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How long do the 2 unit courses last compared to the 4 unit courses?

The 2 unit courses are 7 1/2 weeks long and the 4 unit courses are full semester courses.


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How many semesters will it take for me to complete a degree in accounting?

It varies from student to student. Contact an academic advisor at (213) 740-4838 or visit us in ACC 101 for more information.


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Is there an accounting minor?

Yes. The accounting minor is open to non-accounting and non-business majors who have completed 32 college-level units and have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher. For additional information stop by ACC 101 or contact the advising office at (213) 740-4838.


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I am interested in applying to the Master in Accounting or Master in Business Taxation program before I graduate, how do I find out more information?

​Please visit the Masters Program website for more information. Also, contact an academic advisor at (213) 740-4838 or visit us in ACC 101 for to see how you can prepare for the program.

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