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Seven Can’t-Miss Marshall Classes for Spring Semester 2024

Seven Can’t-Miss Marshall Classes for Spring Semester 2024

Marshall students still looking to fill up their schedule should take a look at these seven exciting courses.

Seven Can’t-Miss Marshall Classes for Spring Semester 2024

Marshall students still have time to sign up for exciting classes.

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Spring semester is right around the corner, and every single Marshall student has finished registering for classes. Well, maybe not every student. With the January 5th deadline fast approaching, there’s precious little time left to pick new courses. Luckily, we have you covered with seven fascinating courses to sign up for this spring semester.

DSO 499 Sports Data Science and Management
T/Th 6pm–7:50pm
(LORENA MARTIN, assistant professor of clinical data sciences and operations)

Today, professional sports teams are looking for a new kind of scout: data scientists. In this course, Lorena Martin, the former director of sports performance analytics with the Los Angeles Lakers, will give you the tools to work for your favorite sports franchise. Students will analyze performance data, decipher complex statistics, learn leadership strategies, and even master basic coding. By the end of DSO 499, students will be ready to step into the Dodgers front office (or even the Giants, if that’s your thing).

MOR 498 Leadership through Improvisation and Role Play
M/W 2pm3:50pm
(MARCO APONTE-MORENO, professor of clinical management and organization at Marshall; KIRSTIN EGGERS, assistant professor of theatre practice in comedy performance at School of Dramatic Arts)

This unique class is co-taught by professors from Marshall and the School of Dramatic Arts and will help students develop their leadership skills through improvisation and role-playing exercises. Each week, the class will be broken into two sessions. The first, hosted by Marshall, will focus on leadership strategies and concepts. The second, hosted by the School of Dramatic Arts, will engage students in interactive theater exercises. There likely won’t be another class on campus that prepares participants for the boardroom as well as the stage.

MKT 405 Marketing Communication and Promotion Strategy
M/W 10am–11:50am and 12pm–1:50pm
(ARIANNA UHALDE, assistant professor of clinical marketing)

Marketing is everywhere. For Marshall students, it’s an irrevocable part of their education, and this course will prepare them for the different facets of a campaign, from branding, messaging, and learning consumer bases to choosing media outlets and digital platforms (Tik Tok, Instagram, TV, etc.). This class is for everyone, whether you’re a future business professional or just an everyday consumer.

FBE 499 Investment and Business Development in Emerging Market
M/W 2pm–3:50pm
(FATEMEH IBRAHIMI-NAZARIAN, associate professor of clinical finance and business economics)

Every year, more countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America are growing from developing economies into emerging markets. This course will focus on the economics of these areas, as well as offering comprehensive backgrounds on their politics, national histories, social trends, and religion. The world of tomorrow is going to look very different from the one of today. FBE 499 is a chance for students to prepare themselves for the new landscape.

BUCO 450 Communications for Organizations: Exploring Creativity
Th 12pm–1:50pm
(ELLEN-LINNEA DIPPREY, professor of clinical business communication)

In this course, Professor Ellen-Linnea Dipprey will lead students toward understanding the key business communications skills necessary to excel as 21st century leaders. Topics explored through the course will include: development of individual creative thinking and problem-solving skills; exploration of workplace creativity; and advancement of managerial communication skills necessary to foster organizational innovation. For those students who aspire to be leaders in their careers, this is the course for them.

BAEP 475 Entertainment Entrepreneurship
M 12pm–1:50pm and 2pm–3:50pm
(MICHAEL NAPOLIELLO, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship)

What better person to learn about entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry than Professor Michael Napoliello? Napoliello works as a film and television producer and serves on the board of Radar Pictures. In his course, he and his students will analyze industry trends, study entrepreneurial strategies, and even develop personal plans to “break into” the entertainment industry.

ACCT 499 Managing Risks and Crises in Media, Hospitality, and Tech
W 6pm–9:30pm
(GORDON HO, adjunct professor of management and organization)

Warren Buffet famously said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Professor Gordon Ho designed this course to help future leaders manage reputation and existential risks and crises. Using Ho’s real-world experiences, guest speakers, and case studies involving Disney, Princess Cruises, Sony Pictures, Facebook, Samsung, TikTok, Silicon Valley Bank, and more, students will develop skills needed to identify, assess, and manage risks. Students will also learn the basics of crisis management including the preparation, management, and recovery phases of a crisis.