Arianna Uhalde

Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing
Room / Office

PhD, University of Southern California; BA, Duke University

Arianna Uhalde is a consumer psychologist specializing in consumer-brand relationships and consumer wellbeing. She teaches several classes at Marshall, including Marketing Communication & Promotion Strategy, Consumer Behavior, and a new class she developed called Happiness & Wellbeing in the Marketplace. Since 2019, Arianna has worked closely with USC Athletics, developing projects and programming related to wellbeing, culture, and performance. She has also advised various companies - including Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), MORE Labs, and The Honest Company - on market research strategies and consumer insights.

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Martin Reimann, Deborah MacInnis, Valerie Folkes, Arianna Uhalde, Gratiana Pol () "Insight into the Experience of Brand Betrayal From What People Say and What the Brain Reveals ,"  Journal of the Association for Consumer Research  3, 240-254.
Peggy Liu, James Bettman, Arianna Uhalde, Peter Ubel () "'How many calories are in my burrito?' Improving consumers' understanding of energy (calorie) range information ,"  PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION  18, 15-24.