Performance Science Minor


Performance Science Minor

The minor in Performance Science teaches the science, best practices, and applied processes to instill a high-performance mindset through a multi-disciplinary curriculum spanning business, psychology, biology, philosophy, and athletics. This interdisciplinary minor will enable students to understand brain and body function, human behavior, psychology, emotion and leadership, with the goals of optimizing individual mindsets, maximizing performance, and creating a culture of high performance within their organizations. 

To enroll in the Performance Science minor, students must have completed 32 units of college-level courses and attain a minimum overall GPA of 2.75. 

Completion of the minor requires 20 units. Note that Marshall students should consult with their academic advisors because minor courses may overlap with major requirements and additional units may be needed.  

Core Courses (Required)

  • BAEP 470 The Entrepreneurial Mindset - Taking the Leap (Sp - 2 units)
  • BAEP 472 The Science of Peak Performance (Sp - 2 units)

Additional Courses

Complete at least four units from each of the following categories.


  • PSYC 201Lg The Science of Happiness (Su - 4 units)
  • PSYC 440 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (F/Sp - 4 units


  • BISC 230 Lgx The Biology of the Brain: Current Topics in Neuroscience (F/Sp - 4 units)
  • PSYC 367g Stress, Health, and the Mind-Body Connection (F - 4 units) *


  • MOR 451 Mastering Decision Making (Sp - 4 units)
  • MOR 471 Managing and Developing People (F - 4 units)

Complete at least four units from the list of courses below or the courses listed above that are not applied as a "required course."


  • PHIL 258g Probability and Rational Choice (4 units)**
  • PSYC 301L Cognitive Processes (F/Sp - 4 units)*
  • BAEP 450 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (F/Sp - 4 units)
  • BAEP 451 The Management of New Enterprises (F/Sp - 4 units)
  • MOR 431 Interpersonal Competence and Development  (Sp - 4 units)*
  • MOR 461 Design of Effective Organizations (F - 4 units)*
  • MOR 469 Negotiation and Persuasion (F/Sp/Su - 4 units)
  • HBIO 202g Nutrition for Life (F/Sp/Su - 4 units)
  • HBIO 205Lgx The Science of Sport (F/Sp/Su - 4 units)
  • HP 440 Happiness, Well-Being, and Health (Sp - 4 units)
  • PHED 106a Physical Conditioning (F/Sp - 1 unit)
  • PHED 160 Stress Management for Healthy Living (F/Sp/Su - 2 units)

*Prerequisite required
** May not be offered each year