Our research program consists of three objectives:

1. Consolidate and disseminate research related to performance science.

We are entering a time when research exists that rigorously examines the role of mindset (i.e., thoughts and feelings) in applied settings. We serve as a resource for groups and individuals looking for research on specific topics.

We publish blog posts on Thrive Global related to performance science. We also visit groups and organizations and give presentations on mindset and performance science.

2. Measure the effectiveness of interventions for improving workplace productivity and conditions.

All organizations strive for high performance, but approaches to improving performance are often based on non-supported claims about behavior. What’s more, rarely are data-based approaches taken to measure the effectiveness of workplace interventions and strategies. We work with organizations to design interventions and measure changes using personality, physiology, and sentiment-analysis tools to examine the "health" of an organization.

3. Conduct multi-method research (with data from wearable sensors, brain imaging, psychological and physiological measures, etc.).

We work in collaboration with the Center for Body Computing, the Institute for Creative Technologies, and other research groups to develop projects related to mindset and performance. For example, we have examined the role of emotion regulation in performance among many different groups, focusing on the effectiveness of strategies that increase gratitude and optimism.