What can we learn from the minds of high performers?


Investigating the key strategies and practices for high performing people and organizations.

Under the guidance of our Director of Research, Dr. Ben Houltberg, the PSI's research agenda focuses on creating insight into the key mental skills and practices predictive of better long term outcomes and improved well-being. Specifically, we focus on key cognitive and affective strategies for emotion regulation under stressful conditions in both short and long term goal oriented pursuits. In layman's terms, our research aims to uncover the best approaches to improving personal and organizational performance based on existing research into stress, well-being, and high stakes environments.

Here is a list of our current research topics:

Our undergraduate research training wing is the Research Design Studio, which strives to provide applied and in depth research training to students. Interested students can apply here.

If you are a graduate student or faculty member interested in developing research related to performance science, please contact Dr. Ben Houltberg at