About the Performance Science Institute


We are an applied interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to connecting the science of high performance with business and high stakes ventures.

Our teaching focuses on communicating the latest research on high performance for individuals and businesses.  Broadly, we have found key overlapping research themes that predict higher performance, and have clear strategies for implementation. Thus, our teaching focuses on motivation, expertise and skill attainment, personal striving, interpersonal relationships, and narrative identity development. For instance, under the heading of motivation, we teach key practices for developing personal purpose, fostering gratitude, and using optimism as a tool for shaping challenge. Thus, each pillar serves as an umbrella for training high performance as it relates to individual achievement as well as a backdrop for organizational culture and team-wide outcomes.

Similarly, our research focuses on key questions for what it means to perform at the highest levels. We are examining organizational culture and values as they relate to team-wide performance. We also perform research with elite teams, athletes and business leaders to examine the effects of interventions on performance and physiological correlates of thriving. Our primary research topics involve gratitude, purpose, values, and handling stress under high pressure situations. We involve a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods spanning from observation of natural behavior, self-report and longitudinal intervention, and including modern brain imaging,

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