About the Performance Science Institute


Set Your Mind | Set Your Potential

Our goal is to give anyone who participates in our classes, trainings, or events a glimpse into the new field of performance science, and provide tools to earn a competitive advantage in any discipline. 

We focus on a wide array of academic and performance domains centered in business and entrepreneurship and extending into psychology, organizational behavior, neuroscience, and physiology. On a day to day basis, we may be working with elite teams and performers, developing programming in collaboration with USC Athletics, doing research at Camp Pendleton, presenting and training at local businesses and organizations, or writing research and promoting our projects.

We engage with students through the Performance Science Club and Irani College for Performance Science and host regular office hours for people to drop by. We work with teams and coaches to examine and build knowledge of team culture and personal purpose. Finally, we do our best to open our events to the general public so that anyone can have access to the research and applied skills of mindset training that we are passionate about sharing.

The PSI’s headquarters is in Fertitta Hall at the University of Southern California’s main (University Park) campus in Downtown Los Angeles.