Performance Science Institute

Our mission is to teach, train, and research the science, best practices, and applied principles for high performance in any domain.


Performance Science Scholarships

PS: Gratitude, PS: Emotion, PS: Competitor, PS: Vision, PS: Drive

Rewarding students across disciplines

Brené Brown on Braving the Wilderness

Dr. Brown discusses vulnerability, belonging, and bravery with USC students.

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USC Performance Science Institute

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What we do:

Teach & Transform

We teach the science of high performance mindset to help students excel in their business careers. We teach yearly classes, host events, and conduct programming focused on neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and business.

Research & Lead

We are an applied research group designed to serve USC, the Marshall School of Business, and our collaborators in interdisciplinary research. We perform modern neuroscience, physiological, and machine learning investigations to uncover and quantify the role of emotion regulation in performance in pressure-filled settings.

Inform & Compete

We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals to design data-driven, theoretically informed, and quantified approaches to improving performance and understanding health at the level of the individual or organization.

Whom we serve:

  • USC Students
    • Develop competitive advantage in careers, pursuits, and life through practical education in self-discovery and data-driven strategies.
    • Yearly Performance Science Scholarship
  • Academic Community
    • Serve as a hub for applied and empirical research, funding for extramural research initiatives, and promote science writing for the general public.
  • Organizations & Performers
    • Provide continuing education and data-driven interventions focused on mindset and performance training to groups, businesses, and elite performers.

Performance Science Scholarships 2017

Meet the Performance Science Scholars: Samer Dhillon, Sara Hughes, Satori Folkes-Stone, Samuel Reid, and Jake Olson.