The USC Performance Science Institute


USC Performance Science Institute

Train the mind for high performance in any domain.

In business, mindset matters as much as skillset. Yet, little time in business education focuses on developing mindset. To bridge this gap, the Performance Science Institute teaches and researches how to train the mind for high performance in any domain.

Our approach translates research into skills, such as gratitude, purpose, optimism, and resilience, that lead to better performance, leadership, and well-being.

For USC students, we offer: a Minor in Performance Science, Scholarships, Classes, summer research in the Research Design Studio, and a student-run Performance Science Club. We are also partnered with the Irani College for Performance Science at the USC University Village and host regular events.

We also have a podcast, Medium publication and are known for our world-class speaker series (past guests: Arianna Huffington, Kobe Bryant, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Alex Honnold). 

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