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David M. Carter
Executive Director

The sports business industry has been evolving rapidly. The businesses behind Dubai Sports City, the branding of LeBron James, and the presence and popularity of video games and fantasy sports leagues on the Internet are unmistakable indicators that the sports and the entertainment industries are all but one and the same.

With these changes came the demand for an understanding of best practices and insights on how best to proceed domestically and abroad. Yet the industry lacked an objective and respected source for analysis that would foster that understanding and economic growth.

Recognizing that demand, and aware that there was keen interest in sports business from undergraduate and graduate students and alumni, USC Marshall stepped up and created the Sports Business Institute in 2005.

We believed that USC Marshall was uniquely positioned to dominate the growing field of sports business, given its resources, contacts, commitment to research — and its location within a world-renowned sports business market where sports entertainment is a key driver of the economy.

Indeed, the Sports Business Institute proved its ability to deliver research pertinent to current industry issues and earned an immediate and impressive industry standing. The Board and Council members we have been able to recruit, the enthusiastic response to the publication of "Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment," and the fact that we are contacted on a daily basis by the media are just a few of the indicators that we have a winning team.

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The Sports Business Institute (SBI) prepares alumni for challenging careers in the diverse world of sports.
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