The Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) serves to identify disruptive elements, enabled by technology that will reshape our understanding of business. We leverage the thought leadership of our members and academic resources to stimulate insights for the benefit of the CTM community.  CTM offers the following contributions from our staff and members in an effort to encourage our community of out-of-the-box thinkers to look past current trends and anticipate tomorrows' business environment.  .

The followings represent some interesting posts that are offered to encourage a deeper dialog among business leaders.

Leadership Communication on Internal Digital Platforms (free)

CTM networking This research examined the role of leadership communication on internal digital platforms and the nature of digital listening by leaders. Our survey of managers showed that in higher emotional capital (employees’ aggregate feelings of goodwill toward a company and the way it operates) and higher performing organizations, leaders are much more active communicators on internal digital platforms. A critical incident study explored the nature of digital listening by leaders, showing that effective digital listening by leaders tends to be leader-centric but focused on the collective voice of employees. Future research about leader listening should explore the notion of collective voice.

The need for a Fourth Industrial Revolution Operating System (free)

CTM WEF BannerThe adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution thinking to our data-centric world may require that we rethink the macro systems that govern the way that humans relate to the data that surrounds them. As an analogy, consider how an the operating system manages the resources within a computer so they can be applied to tasks on behalf of the user. In the 4th Industrial Age it is interesting to think of the technology around us as resources which could be managed by a societal operating system. Please click the pictures to download.

Platforms, Real-Time & Partner Management, and Collaborative Innovation (donation)

PlatformThis report investigates 1) how leaders have incorporated digital platforms in their communications programs, 2) how companies are evolving to become real-time companies, 3) how companies manage their technical partners in a networked age, 4) how collaborative innovation creates new opportunities, and 5) how open innovation practices are allowing firms to outpace the competition. Please click the pictures for more details. Please click the pictures for more details.

Privacy, Security, Analytics, Supply Chain, and Teamwork in Modern Ecosystems  (donation)

PrivacyThis report focuses on six areas that directly impact the bottom line. These areas include 1) managing tradeoffs between speed and accuracy, 2) customer privacy, security, and trust, 3) applications of data analytics, 4) managing geographically-distributed teams, 5) evolving supply chains as a competitive advantage, and 6) innovations requiring the attraction of two parties. Please click the pictures for more details.

Future of Media- Evolving Revenue Models ($)

FOMThe media industry is in the process of undergoing a radical transition that appears to be accelerating. At play are deep changes in the way consumers view entertainment and how the industry makes money. This report looks at the evolving business models for media monetization from advertising to subscription and transaction. Special attention is paid to Millennial consumers who will outnumber non-Millennials by 2030. Please click the pictures for more details.

Internet of Things (IOT) Market Model ($)

IOTCTM has developed an Internet of Things (IOT) model that allows users to identify profit pools within the larger IOT market, test how changes in pricing will affect demand, and see how different functional characterizations impact the model. The modeling tool is sufficiently flexible that the users can adjust the parameters in order to develop a personal view of market evolution.  Please click the pictures for more details.

The Fan Multiplier Effect (free)

FansMarketing Programs should be driven by behavioral objectives and measured by metrics. Instead, many marketing campaigns focus revenue driven objectives even though campaigns designed to increase fan engagement can often drive greater strategic value. This paper focuses on efforts to drive fans to advocate for a product or service so that they become your revenue drivers. Please click the picture to download.         

AR/VR Serves to Humanize Interactions (free)

2nd AR and VRAugmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two technologies that are poised to change the way humans interact with computers. AR/VR is already having significant impact to many different industries with applications that include advertising, customer engagement, employee training, and consumer entertainment.   Please click the picture to download.

How AI Could Tackle City Problems Like Graffiti, Trash, and Fires (free)

CTM-GraffitiCities operate fleets of diverse vehicles to serve their citizens. If these vehicles were equipped with video cameras, the captured images could be used by video analytic programs to self-detect many city operational issues in need of attention so appropriate crews could be dispatched without waiting for citizen complaints to be registered.   Please click the picture to download.

I3: An IoT Marketplace for Smart Communities (free)

CTM-I3I3 (The Intelligent IOT Integrator) is a data governance vehicle that manages IOT data flows for many independent device owners.  It supports the user's need to self-manage their own data streams, manages participation incentives, privacy, and monitors device security.  This curated environment creates the free and open IOT data marketplace needed to accelerate IOT adoption. Please click the picture to download.

The Evolving Internet of Healthcare Things (free)

CTM-HealthcareHealthcare IOT applications can be divided into hospital, doctor, and consumer applications. Over time these isolated worlds will blur and there will no longer be a single administrator that oversees the network infrastructure; healthcare data networks will be an open and fluid environment. New systems will be needed to manage vendor neutral data repositories and to govern data flows.   Please click the picture to download.

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