The Disruptions That Drive Us

CTM's Ongoing Research Activities

CTM's mission is to identify emerging trends and disruptive elements that will shape the future of industry. We leverage the thought leadership of our member companies and the academic rigor of the University to provide independent and objective research insights for the benefit of our member companies. CTM research programs are supported by faculty members at USC's Marshall School of business and are sponsored by a consortium of CTM's member companies. Sponsoring companies actively participate in research design and workshops where they share their views on the results.

Given our academic heritage and our ties to decision-makers in industry-leading corporations, we are devoted to understanding and analyzing the business impact of technology as well as the disruption that occurs when emerging technologies transform the business landscape across multiple industry sectors. Our ongoing programs focus on mobility, digital devices and media, streaming content, business models, business process, and other drivers of growth for the digital network.

The results of our work are provided to our program sponsors so they can use our findings in their marketing and strategic planning efforts. If you are interested in participating in one of the current initiatives, or if you'd like to submit a request for a new program, please contact the Institute directly at, or by phone at 213.740.0980.

Current Projects

Business and Technology

Technology is used to meet competitive pressures or to reduce operational costs. It is seldom deployed as a strategic tool because it is difficult to predict and validate return on investment metrics. This difficulty is often related to a mismatch between the corporate culture and the technology potential. Our goal is to pierce this veil and provide prescriptive business guidance that is linked to technology trends. Topics covered in this program include social-collaborative networks, the nature of real-time companies, open innovation, strategic ecosystems, privacy and the use of customer data, chicken-and-egg marketing problems, management of distributed teams, supply chain technology, data analytic processes.

Future of Media

The Future of media Program analyzes the evolving media consumption patterns and new business models that are transforming the entertainment industry. By researching a traditional industry that has been completely transformed by digital technology, we allow sponsors to anticipate important industry changes in the entertainment space so they can develop actionable strategies to take advantage of the opportunities open to them and we discover patterns and issues that will be faced by other industries as their digitally driven evolutionary scenarios begin to play out.

Internet of Things: Case Studies in Industry Disruption

The "Internet of Things" is a collective term that focuses on how connected smart products and services will transform industry value chains. The IoT vision of distributed embedded sensors, processors, storage, software and connected devices communicating through a network to an intelligent product cloud has the potential to transform entire industries. This complimentary set of research programs will investigate the levers that might act to inhibit or accelerate market demand for IOT technology. Existing IOT forecasts vary widely in accordance with the underlying market assumptions, this program is unique in that it seeks to understand those assumptions and allow sponsors to construct “what if” scenarios that will allow them to focus their resources are targeted IOT profitability pools.