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As an individual or as a company, you should become a member of the CTM community.  Successful companies lead from the front and the critical thinking, multidisciplinary nature of CTM provides a forum for just that kind of front line business-technology thought.

Each month the Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) releases a newsletter to stimulate discussion of topics that are interest to the larger CTM Community.  The views expressed in all CTM materials is intended to encourage creative thinking and the opinions expressed may not represent the opinions of USC, the Marshall School of Business, CTM, or the CTM members.   

We also wish to encourage our readers to submit short articles that they believe would be of interest to the larger CTM community. To submit articles for our consideration, please email them to 

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There are now two options: the Individual CTM Membership for a single person and the Corporate CTM Membership for all employees in a company/organization.



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