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The Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) is an industry-sponsored center within USC's Marshall School of Business. Our efforts are completely supported and driven by the CTM members. 

Corporate Members:  CTM corporate members are companies and other organizations striving to who believe the best path forward is to play a role in creating that future.  Corporate memberships allow ALL the employees in a company, division, or organization to become active members of the CTM community.

Individual Members:  CTM Individual members represent independent people with a desire to lead, to be in the front of the pack by contributing to conversations that will shape our collective futures. 

CTM's efforts have been designed to identify and evangelize 1) important issues related to the adopting of new technology as a business enabler, or 2) critical issues related to the deployment/use of technology to change business outcomes.   We recognize that the time and energy demands placed on business change agents are already extreme so we have designed to CTM program to be a network-centric collaborative model which allows members to participate in the collaborative process remotely and asynchronously as their schedule allows.   

Membership Benefits

  • Thought Leadership. Since 1985, CTM’s thought leadership efforts have provided members with a window with which they can use to develop actionable insights that can be on-boarded into their company or pursued as an collaborative project. 
  • Unique Perspective. CTM provides business-centric focus on technology.  Business issues are a key component to making any technology system economically sustainable as it is the business components that determine success or failure.   
  • Multidisciplinary.  CTM’s treats technology as an industry-independent tool that morphs as it jumps market sectors and in the process it unlocks new market opportunities and drive change to policies/procedures.
  • Educational Programs.  Understanding how emerging technologies drive business/market changes is important but it needs to be communicated to encourage adoption.  CTM has educational programs that teach skills needed to identify and communicate change to a larger audience.  
  • Directional Guidance.  CTM Corporate Members work with the CTM staff to strategically drive CTM to focus areas that are often overlooked, misunderstood, and in need of increased study.  
  • Special Access. CTM Corporate Members have special access to the resources of the Marshall School of Business and other Schools within USC.  The faculty and students provide a resource pool that can be drawn upon to better understand and to anticipate the changes technology will bring.

In conjunction with its member companies, CTM also provides support for student research and student challenges where companies pose a business problem to students and student compete as individual or teams to provide refreshing and unconventional out-of-the-box thinking. 

As an individual or as a company, you should become a member of the CTM community.  Successful companies lead from the front and the critical thinking, multidisciplinary nature of CTM provides a forum for just that kind of front line business-technology thought.



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