Advanced Management Program (AMP)

Disruption. Innovation. Convergence. AMP prepares rising leaders to meet the challenges of our industry.

AMP Brochure
CTM's Advanced Management Program has been designed to give high potential employees the skills needed to look outside their established roles in order to identify potential disruptors and then use their communication skills to articulate the impacts of such disruptors to management, customers, peers, and other employees.

Advanced Management Program (AMP) is a 5-day open-enrollment continuing education program which focuses on providing high potential employees the skills needed to identify disruptive elements and then communicate the impact to management, customers, and employees.  In an increasingly digitized and networked world, technologies often jump traditional industry boundaries and by understanding adjacencies disruptors can be identified early and then communicated in a way that allows actionable responses to be initiated.  The program provides high-potential leaders with the tools and perspectives needed to manage and lead in an environment transformed by new business models, new operational procedures, and the convergence of telecommunications, technology, and entertainment. Download AMP Overview

How to get a promo code? Individual members of CTM and Employees of CTM Corporate Members are eligible to receive a significant tuition discount.  Many have found that these discounts justify their membership in the CTM program.  Please send an email to if your company is a CTM member or if your company is considering CTM membership.

Program Objectives

The objective of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) is to provide business executives with the skills needed to lead in a dynamic and changing business environment.   Among the topics covered in the program will be:

  • The business impacts of change brought on by advancements in technology
  • How disruptive ideas evolve, morph, and jump industry sectors as the technology advances
  • The competitive dynamics, partnerships, business models that shift in response to tech disruption
  • The culture changes associated with generational and sectorized customers and employee cohorts
  • Communicating, Marketing, and selling in a fragmented but networked world 
  • A case study designed to incorporate the AMP program curriculum into a real-world context


The Advanced Management Program is held at the University of Southern California downtown Los Angeles campus. The downtown campus is walking distance from LA Live, Staples Center and a host of restaurants and entertainment venues.

CTM's next regularly scheduled AMP class is set for Nov 5-9, 2018 in Los Angeles

If your company/organization wishes to schedule a custom/dedicated class, please email us at

Join the Nov 5-9 AMP program to further develop the skills you need to be a skillful leader, adept at spotting emerging trends and preparing to address the challenges your company will be facing.  Your customers, employees, peers, management and most of all you, will be glad you decided to attend.



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