Advanced Management Program (AMP)

Disruption. Innovation. Convergence. AMP prepares rising leaders to meet the challenges of our industry.


Advanced Management Program (AMP) is a 5-day open-enrollment continuing education program which focuses on providing high potential employees the leadership skills needed to be successful in a business climate that is being shaped by a data-driven and networked Industrial Revolution (The Fourth Industrial Revolution).  As a part of the program we will identify disruptive elements that are driving changes to markets, businesses, and our personal lives as well.  We will focus on skills needed to communicate these impacts and potential responses to management, customers, partners, and employees.  While the class considers many technologies, the focus of the class is the development of the skills needed to understand the impact of those technologies, the development of plans and strategies that build on technology driven change, and the management skills needed to drive results-driven actions.  

Program Objectives

The objective of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) is to provide high potential business leaders with the skills needed to lead in a dynamic and changing business environment.   Among the topics covered in the program will be:

  • The business impacts of change brought on by advancements in technology
  • How disruptive ideas evolve, morph, and jump industry sectors as the technology advances
  • The competitive dynamics, partnerships, business models that shift in response to tech disruption
  • The culture changes associated with generational and sectorized customers and employee cohorts
  • Communicating, Marketing, and selling in a fragmented but networked world 
  • A case study designed to incorporate the AMP program curriculum into a real-world context




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