About CTM

The Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) is an industry-supported Center of Excellence within USC's Marshall School of Business. It is focused on anticipating and understanding disruptors and their impact on an increasingly networked and technology-driven world on the way we conduct business and view markets.

While CTM is hosted by the Marshall School of Business, the CTM community cuts across all USC schools, its member companies, and other parties who believe that progress is enriched if we identify and take advantage of opportunities on our horizon; leadership is not a gift but something that has to be earned every day.  We believe that our individual opportunities are best pursued with a well-rounded understanding of the needs, abilities, and environments that will shape our collective futures. 

Disruptors are discovered by by looking outside-the-box. By understanding the perspective of experts from other areas, one discovers new ways to envision problems, new approaches, and a greater appreciation. Such external sparks light the engine of innovation and CTM strives to create an environment for such activities to occur.

CTM Team

Jerry Power

 Jerry Power Director for CTM






 Steven Shepard Director Education Programs






 Rachel Wang Budget Assistant





Shelley Li

 Shelley Xin Li Assistant Professor





Abbass Sharif

 Abbass Sharif Assistant Professor Clinical Data Sciences and Operations





Nathanael Fast

 Nathanael Fast Associate Professor Management and Organization





Pete Cardon

 Peter Cardon Academic Director for Professionals & Managers Clinical Business Communication






 Omar El Saway Professor Data Science & Operation





Tom F

 Tom Ferratt ProfessorUniversity of Dayton






 Gary Frazier Professor Marketing






 Ann Majchrzak Professor Data Science & Operation






 Kyle Mayer Professor Management & Organization





Lars Perner

 Lars Perner Assistant Professor Clinical Marketing






 Frank Nagle Assistant Professor Management & Organization





Arif Ansari

 Arif Ansari Professor Clinical Data Sciences & Operations






 Neil Siegel Professor Viterbi School of Engineering






 Cheryl Wakslak Associate ProfessorManagement & Organization






 Nick Vyas Executive Director Center for Global Supply Chain Management





Milan Miric

 Milan Miric Data Science & Operation

Board Directors

Chris S

 Chris Sambar Senior VP Corporate Strategy, AT&T





Ted Ross

 Ted Ross Chief Info Officer, City of Los Angeles





Steve Garske

 Steve Garske Senior VP Chief Info Officer, Children's Hospital Los Angeles






 Dave Abbott VP Information, Tech Operations Children's Hospital Los Angeles 







Justin Hertz

 Justin Herz Executive VP Digital Product, Platform & Strategy, Warner Bros






 Liz Huszarik Executive VP Media, Research & Insights, Warner Bros






 Giulia Erickson VP Digital Marketing, Warner Bros






 Pam Allison Director Digital Initiatives, Warner Bros





Ibrahim Gedeon

 Ibrahim Gedeon CTO, Telus






 Jim Slevinsky Director, Telus






 Lani Ingram VP Smart Communities, Sports & IoT Platforms, Verizon





John DeVine

 John DeVine Senior VP Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon







CTM Fellows

Melva B

 Melva Benoit President Marian Dupree Group





D Bothun

 Deborah Bothun Executive Mentor Merryck & Co






 Josette Bonte CTM Fellow






 James Short CTM Fellow San Diego Supercomputer Center





John Burcher

 John Bucher CTM Fellow





Pieter Poll

 Pieter Poll CTM Fellow





Deb L

 Debra Lilly Chief of Staff for Planning Centurylink





Terry Benzel

 Terry Benzel Deputy Director USC ISI





Steve Cistulli

 Steve Cistulli CTM Fellow





Gerald Belson

 Gerald Belson CTM Fellow Deloitte





Sandra Chrystal

 Sandra Chrystal Vice Dean, Center of Excellence USC Marshall





Yumi Huang

 Yumi Huang CTM Fellow Cal State Los Angeles





Cyrus Shahabi

 Cyrus Shahabi Professor, Chair & Director USC Viterbi





Bhaskar Krishnamachari

 Bhaskar Krishnamachari Professor & Director USC Viterbi






 Doug Webster Cisco VP Strategy, Tech & Innovation






 Ann Nash PwC Sr. Marketing Director Technology Media & Telecommunications

There are now two options: the Individual CTM Membership for a single person and the Corporate CTM Membership for all employees in a company/organization.



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