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The world’s foremost institute (CTM) dedicated to understanding the business impact of a rapidly evolving and technology-driven landscape.

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The Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) is an industry-supported Center of Excellence within USC's Marshall School of Business. It is primarily focused on understanding and anticipating the impact of an increasingly networked and technology-driven world.

The stated mission of CTM is to better understand the impact of technology on the way we live our lives and the way we conduct business so that opportunities can be identified by members and resources can be applied accordingly.

We seek to serve the CTM members through research, member education, and forums for industry leaders.

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Project Introduction
2017 Business & Technology Program The main goal of CTM's Technology and Business Programs is to pierce this veil and provide business guidance that is linked to technology trends. This 2017 program investigated six areas, including 1) the use of technology relevant to speed/accuracy tradeoffs, 2)privacy, security, and trust, 3) analytics-driven business models, 4) geographically-distributed tasks associated with “create“ and “review“ artifacts, 5)new emerging technology impacts in supply chains, and 6) innovations requiring the attraction of two parties. B&TTo know more about our findings, please click the picture to purchase our full package.
2017 Future of Media- Evolving Revenue Models

The media industry is currently undergoing a radical transition, that has been accelerated over the past three years. At play are deep changes in the way consumers view filmed entertainment and how the industry makes money. In this report, we look at the evolving business models for media monetization from advertising to subscription and transaction. Special attention is paid to Millennial consumers who are estimated to outnumber non-Millennials by 2030. FOMTo fully understand our models, please click the picture to purchase our report.

2017 (Internet of Things) IOT Market Model The Internet of Things (IOT) is a collective term that includes a large number of different IOT devices and different applications focused on different use cases.  Based on the model that CTM has developed, users will be able to identify profit pools within the larger IOT market, they will be able to test how changes in product pricing will affect product demand, they will be able to test how different functional characterizations impact traffic flows and operating costs. Effectively, the modeling tools allow people to adjust the parameters that drive the IOT market


so they are reflective of their personal view of market evolution so that they can determine what actions that can take to turn these opportunities into business results. To be able to utilize this model, please click the picture for your purchase.   

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