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The world’s foremost institute (CTM) dedicated to understanding the business impact of a rapidly evolving and technology-driven landscape.

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Welcome to CTM: The Institute for Communication Technology Management!

  • A consortium funded Center of Excellence at the Marshall School of Business
  • Founded in 1985 when the world was a very different place
  • A unique industry/academic group that looks at technology-driven disruptors as both opportunity and threat enablers.  These disruptors have to be understood before their potential to drive seismic direct and indirect to the markets can drive anticipatory and preemptive action. 

CTM creates a collaborative environment that includes industry, academia, or other interested parties that provide a means to focus on the issues that serve to shape our future (both positive opportunities for growth and worrisome threats to ongoing prospects) from a business perspective.  The rapid rate of technological evolution is creating a rapidly growing number of potential disruptors that continually need to be assessed, considered,  and responded to.   The CTM members work together, collaboratively, to identify and develop an understanding of the implications that might arise so that companies can find a distinctive pathway for forwarding success.

New technologies often transform the following business opportunities/threats into keystone issues that enable or inhibit success. 

  • Business Process and Cultural DisruptionPeople and environments management philosophies need to evolve as new paradigms to surround customer and partner business practices.  While technology is the enabling tool, corporate cultures determine whether those tools are put to good use.
  • Time Disruption:  Consumers and employees are constantly seeking to discover new mechanism that allows them to better manage their time equilibrium.  Changes to employee productivity and entertainment as a time investment are redefining the lens through which the world is viewed.
  • Technology Disruption:  Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are driving companies/organizations to rethink business endeavors as real-time value creation engines that are customer context sensitive, improving efficiencies, and allowing increased levels of automation to cut across all aspects of the decision-making process.

CTM Members: CTM attracts companies that consider technology as a strategic weapon that can be used to create an opportunity for competitive business advantages or stave off competitive threats.  CTM influences these companies and the companies influence Marshall as both the school and the CTM community can embrace an agenda that focuses on leadership, anticipation, strategy, culture, and openness. 


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The CTM community is known for its ability to look over the horizon to better understand how technology might impact markets, processes, and business culture.  Such knowledge is allows members to anticipate issues and opportunities before they are considered validated trends AND on occasion we find points where the we can impact evolution for the common good. 

The I3 project (Intelligent IOT Integrator) is an example of such an action.  In the case of I3, CTM research was converted into a set of requirements that positively impacted IOT market adoption.  We then worked with USC's Viterbi School of Engineering and CTM members such as the City of Los Angeles to create a series of proof-of-concept systems for testing.  Based on these efforts a new consortium was launched (The I3 Consortium) to bring other interested parties to the table so that we can create an opensource realization of the vision that will benefit all.  For more information on the I3 consortium, please visit I3.USC.EDU



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