The Global Branding Center

GBC Overhead

The Global Branding Center at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business assists practitioners with managing global brands in the B2C and B2B markets. The GBC provides managers with thought leadership in how to build, strengthen and leverage brand admiration.

A brand that is admired by customers not only commands strong trust and love but also respect from them. Brand admiration is the most potent force that sustains efficient profit and growth of a brand over time. The GBC offers practitioners its innovative management framework called the brand admiration management system. It describes the entire process of building, strengthening and leveraging brand admiration with the outcome of sustainable and efficient profit and growth.

This innovative brand management system framework relies on three types of benefits that are instrumental to building, strengthening and leveraging brand admiration. They are enabling benefits, enticing benefits and enriching benefits, called the 3Es. These 3Es influence customers’ brand trust, love and respect, respectively, and their joint presence leads to brand admiration.

The GBC specializes in the following five tasks.

  • A task of building brand admiration: Initiating the admiration-based brand-customer relationship.
  • A task of strengthening brand admiration: Strengthening the admiration-based brand-customer relationship.
  • A task of leveraging brand admiration: Jointly maximizing extension and feedback effects through the extensions of the admired brand.
  • A task of designing the optimal firm’s brand architecture: Achieving the optimal solution of financial, future asset building and organizational efficiency benefits through a firm’s brand naming decisions.
  • A task of developing brand dashboard: Diagnosing brand performance and prescribing future actions to improve its performance.

GBC specializes in these tasks through teaching, research, conferences, website postings, and consulting.