Department of Data Sciences and Operations

The Collaborative Imperative

DSO provides a highly supportive and collegial atmosphere that fosters close cooperation and coordination among our faculty.


Managing World-Class Operations Information Systems

DSO guarantees the continued relevance and timeliness of our teaching and research programs.


About Department of Data Sciences and Operations at Marshall

The teaching and research of the Department of Data Sciences and Operations at Marshall (DSO) is comprised primarily of three disciplines: information systems, operations management, and statistics. While there is some overlap across the three groups in research programs, we profile the three groups separately. There are about 30 faculty members in the department who are very active in teaching, research and various professional organizations. Several of the department faculty have received research awards and honors, serve on editorial boards of major journals, and won best teacher awards.

DSO Undergraduate Areas of Interest for Electives

The DSO department offers classes that provide students with the skills to specialize in one or more areas of interest: 1) Business Analytics, for business analyst/data scientist jobs in all industries; 2) Project and Program Management, for project/program/product management jobs in all industries; 3) Technology Strategy Consulting, for jobs with consulting firms in all industries; and 4) Supply Chain Management, for operations management and supply chain jobs in all industries.  No prior technology background is expected in any of these classes.  The intent is to help students get comfortable with tools and techniques needed for a data-driven 21st-century manager.