Global Opportunities

Get out of the classroom and into the world.

What makes our students citizens of the world? It’s not just USC Marshall’s groundbreaking international programs or LA’s status as a global city and gateway to the Pacific Rim. It’s the spirit of collaboration, openness, curiosity, and adventure that prevails here. Ultimately, that’s what moves our students forward, beyond boundaries: as innovators, as entrepreneurs, as leaders, and as human beings.

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Freshmen International Experiences


Marshall freshmen participate in one of the first-year international experiences

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

A year-long invitation only program to select freshmen; travel to China during Spring Break to meet executives from regional and international companies; summer internship opportunities in Asia.

Learning About International Commerce (LInC)

Open to all Marshall freshmen; an experiential learning opportunity that exposes business practices outside the US; an 8-day trip to visit companies and meet business executives. LInC destinations for Spring 2019 include Argentina, Hong Kong, Spain, Japan, Chile, Australia, Hungary, Taiwan, Finland and Sweden.

Global Social Impact (GSI)

Open to students in WBB only; taught by the WBB academic director; students work in teams to complete a consulting project for an NGO, social entrepreneurs or government sector; travel to Lima, Peru to meet and present findings to the field partners.

Japan, Tokyo - for global opportunities

Global Study


Marshall partner business schools worldwide

International Exchange Program (IEP)

Enables students to immerse in a different culture, form friendships, develop a global perspective, and experience stimulating new surroundings while taking business classes overseas; receive business credit for coursework that applies towards USC Marshall graduation requirements; all instruction is in English.

USC Overseas Studies

USC Dornsife offers exciting and diverse opportunities to spend a semester or year studying abroad with over 50 programs in 28 countries; some programs include research opportunities, experiential learning or an internship. Learn more.

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Global Internships


Marshall international summer internships

Winslow-Maxwell Summer Internship Program

Summer internship opportunities spanning a wide range of industries in London, Dublin, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong. From small tech start-ups to multinational investment banks, appropriate placements are available based on the skills, interests, and professional goals of the student.

The Marshall International Summer Internship Program (MISIP)

An in-depth 2 month international internship experience; led by prominent USC Marshall alumni and friends in Jakarta, Indonesia or Bangkok, Thailand.

USC's Global Fellows Internship Program

An 8-week summer internship, stipends provided, for USC undergraduates to live and work in Asia, in cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei.

Central Finland - global opportunities

Other Global Programs


Marshall students participate in international programs every year

International Experiential Corporate Learning Program (ExCEL)

10-day trips to meet with businesses and government officials; open to all students and is not linked to any particular course.

Global Brigades @ Marshall

A week-long global service learning program that aims to improve sustainability and the human condition in rural Panama and Ghana; students work with a local micro-enterprise to improve its success and sustainability.

Marshall's International Case Competitions

Case competitions within the US as well as abroad; hone critical business skills and expose Marshall students to cultures and business practices around the world; the annual Marshall International Case Competition is the largest international case competition of its kind.

Transfer International Experience (TIE)

Open to all Marshall transfer students; a 2-unit course and an 8-day trip to Japan; students learn about the value chain and ecosystem of a particular industry, with a focus on developing skills to assess the global marketplace.