World Bachelor in Business

World Bachelor in Business

Three world-class universities. Three continents. Three degrees. One unparalleled experience.

A Bold New Direction

WBB - A bold new direction for international students


About the Program

Pursue a global itinerary. Multiply your assets.

• The only undergraduate program of its kind

• Connects leading-edge teaching methods with cultural immersion and real-world experiences

• Become versed in business fundamentals in Asia, Europe, and North America

• Access to three research universities

• Become a global citizen fluent in international business

• Join three world-wide alumni networks

Los Angeles Hong Kong Milan

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a global force in industries ranging from health care to entertainment, from real estate to communications, from biotechnology to green design. Los Angeles is home to the headquarters of 15 Fortune 500 companies and a thriving multicultural environment where more than 200 languages are spoken. USC puts students at the heart of Los Angeles and Southern California, providing connections to the people and places that make L.A. one of the nation’s gateways to the global economy. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a major global financial and business center, is a commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse. Situated in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong has one of the largest foreign exchange markets in the world. It is rated as the world’s most competitive economy. In addition to being a gateway to China, a major engine of world growth, Hong Kong also serves as an entry point to the rest of Asia, providing students with access to countries like Singapore, Korea and Japan.


Milan is Italy’s international economic and financial hub, as well as a capital for fashion and industrial design. Living here, students will understand why Milan is famous among Italian cities for its fast pace and hardworking can-d0 attitude. Italian culture, cuisine and nightlife are within walking distance of the Bocconi campus, and the town center is a showcase for Milan’s history as a regional capital of the Roman Empire, a powerful medieval Duchy and Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance home.

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