Competitive Funding

Fellowship & Graduate Assistantships

Accepted students receive a competitive funding package. This package is guaranteed for five years for those who maintain satisfactory degree progress and follows the general guidelines below. Please note that figures are current beginning Fall 2022 and may increase in future years.

  • Students take an average of five years to complete the program.
  • Our funding package covers a period of five years, provided a student is maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  • Students receive academic year tuition each year.
  • Students receive an annual stipend (annual total of $40,000). This is in the form of  2 years of fellowship and 3 years of graduate assistantship.
  • Student receive medical and dental insurance coverage.
  • A new laptop computer is supplied at the beginning of the first and fourth years.
  • Research and teaching funds are allocated over 5 years in the program. The annual funding increases as the student progresses in the program into more research activities in the later years.

Outside Funding

Occasionally a student brings outside funding to replace or supplement the funding from the USC Marshall School of Business. Examples of outside funding sources include the National Science Foundation and foreign governments. Such funding is acceptable, but applicants should understand that funding source is not considered in the evaluation process. We accept only the top applicants regardless of the source of funding.

Research Support & Awards

After advancing to candidacy, students become eligible for competitive research awards open exclusively to USC Marshall Ph.D. students. Past awards have been sponsored by the USC Graduate School,  the Ford Foundation, the USC Marshall Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurship and the USC Marshall James S. Ford Award.