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USC Marshall faculty members are leading scholars and clinical practitioners who bring the breadth and depth of business to life for their students and academic peers. Our research faculty continue to uncover insights into critical topics affecting a business world that is facing rapid change and disruptive technology and innovation.


Kalinda Ukanwa: Studying the Algorithmic Biases

More than 20 years ago, Kalinda Ukanwa uncovered algorithmic biases in her work as a data scientist in corporate America. She became a scholar so she could study the issue more deeply

Business for Good

Supply Chain expert Greys Sošić has turned her scholarly research toward finding ways for business to become more sustainable. 

Searching for Greener Solutions

Growing up on a farm in Idaho, Shon Hiatt lived sustainably as a matter of course. Now that mindset infuses his scholarly research.

Mission Sustainability

Paul Adler believes it's important to get his students thinking about what's ahead of them...and why.

Faculty Research Fair 2022: Maria Ogneva

Associate Professor of Accounting

Faculty Research Fair 2022: Kristin Diehl

Professor of Marketing

Faculty Research Fair 2022: Peter Cardon

Professor of Clinical Business Communication

Faculty Research Fair 2022: David Hirshleifer

The Robert G. Kirby Chair in Behavioral Finance, Professor of Finance and Business Economics

Faculty Research Fair 2022: Eric Anicich

Assistant Professor of Management and Organization

Faculty Research Fair 2021: Cary Frydman

Cary Frydman specializes in investor behavior, exploring biases in financial decision-making arising from limits on human cognition