Program Culture

The culture of the program is research focused, collegial, supportive, and highly interactive. PhD students are “junior colleagues” encouraged to participate in academic research with faculty from the very beginning. The low PhD student/faculty ratio coupled with the marketing faculty’s “open door” policy promotes frequent and meaningful interactions between faculty and students about research, careers and teaching. Students also serve as colleagues and mentors to each other and often develop papers together.

Research Environment

Faculty and students attend weekly scholarly presentations from invited faculty from around the world. In addition internal brown bag seminars and reading groups allow students and faculty to exchange ideas and receive feedback on research topics.

Student Background

Our students come from all of over the world. They have strong academic backgrounds and bring with them a variety of experiences prior to joining the program.

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Marketing Ph.D. students have contributed to the field by publishing in leading journals and winning numerous prestigious research awards, including the SCP Sheth Award and the William O’Dell Award for long term contributions to marketing for articles published in the Journal of Marketing Research. Students have been recipients of INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) Doctoral Dissertation Competition Award, finalists for the John D. Little Award for best paper in Marketing Science, and early career achievement award in marketing. Student research proposals have been funded by the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and the Institute for The Study of Business Markets (ISBM).

Job Market Candidates

The Marshall School of Business contributes to the broad field of academic research as our students go on to be thought-leaders in business schools around the world. These Ph.D. candidates are taking the next step in their academic careers. Learn more about each candidate by clicking on their name.

Elisa Solinas

Wensi Zhang


Our PhD graduates contribute to marketing research and practice throughout the world. We have a long history of mentoring PhD students who are on the faculty of top universities around the world.

Rajesh Chandy

Rajesh Chandy
(PhD 1996)
Professor of Marketing,
London Business School

Helen Hae Eun Chun

Helen Hae Eun Chun
(PhD 2009)
Associate Professor of Service
Marketing, Cornell University

Peter Golder

Peter Golder
(PhD 1994)
Professor of Marketing,
Dartmouth College

Vanessa Patrick

Vanessa Patrick
(PhD 2004)
Associate Dean for Research,
Bauer Professor of Marketing,
University of Houston

Recent Placements (2022-2018)

Gizem Ceylan (2022) Postdoctoral Researcher, Yale University, USA
Ilya Lukibanov (2022) Data Scientist, AXS GROUP LLC, USA
Sajeev Nair (2022) Assistant Professor, University of Kansas, USA
Isamar Troncoso Cortez (2022) Assistant Professor, Harvard University, USA
Chaumanix Dutton (2021) Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, USA
Jihoon Hong (2021) Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, USA
Mengxia Zhang (2021) Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada
Jennifer D'Angelo (2020) Assistant Professor, TCU, USA
Amy Pei (2020) Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, USA
Yao Yao (2019) Assistant Professor, San Diego State University, USA
Bora Min (2018) Assistant Professor, Monash University, Australia
Francesca Valsesia (2018) Assistant Professor, University of Washington, USA