You will work hands-on in a thriving research culture with constant exposure to new and important ideas. Marshall is ranked 6th in the world in research for the years 2015–2019 by the UT-Dallas Research Rankings.

Our faculty regularly publish in the field’s top journals, such as:

  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Marketing Science
  • Management Science

Our faculty also continuously publish in the premiere journals of related disciplines

  • American Economic Review
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Journal of experimental Psychology: General
  • Psychological Science
  • The Rand Journal of Economics


Selective List of Journal Publications with students (2017-2022)

From the very beginning of the program, students collaborate with faculty on research projects with the goal of producing research that will be published in the top journals. Below, please find a selection of recent articles that resulted from these collaborations.
* denote current or former PhD students


Borah*, Abhishek, S. Cem Bahadir, Anatoli Colicev, and Gerard J. Tellis (2022). "It pays to pay attention: How firm's and competitor's marketing levers affect investor attention and firm value." International Journal of Research in Marketing 39, no. 1, 227-246.

Ceylan*, Gizem, Ceren Kolsarici, and Deborah J. MacInnis (2022). "Perfectionism paradox: Perfectionistic concerns (not perfectionistic strivings) affect the relationship between perceived risk and choice." Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 880–895.

Chandrasekaran*, Deepa*, Gerard J. Tellis and Gareth James (2022), “Leapfrogging, Cannibalization, and Survival during Disruptive Technological Change: The Critical Role of Rate of Disengagement,”  Journal of Marketing.

D’Angelo*, Jennifer K., Kristin Diehl, and Lisa A. Cavanaugh (2019). "Lead by Example? Custom-Made Examples Created by Close Others Lead Consumers to Make Dissimilar Choices." Journal of Consumer Research 46, no. 4: 750-773.

Donovan*, Leigh Anne and Priester, Joseph (2020). "Exploring the psychological processes that underlie interpersonal forgiveness: Replication and extension of the model of motivated interpersonal forgiveness." Frontiers in Psychology.

Donovan*, Leigh Anne Novak, and Joseph R. Priester. "Exploring the psychological processes underlying interpersonal forgiveness: The superiority of motivated reasoning over empathy." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 71 (2017): 16-30.

Dukes, Anthony and Yi Zhu* (2019) “Why Customer Service Frustrates Consumers: Exploiting Hassel Costs by a Tiered Customer Service Organization,” Marketing Science, 38(3): 500-515.

Jayarajan*, Dinakar, S. Siddarth, and Jorge Silva-Risso (2018). "Cannibalization vs. competition: An empirical study of the impact of product durability on automobile demand." International Journal of Research in Marketing 35, no. 4: 641-660.

Jia*, He, Sha Yang, Xianghua Lu, and C. Whan Park (2018). "Do consumers always spend more when coupon face value is larger? The inverted U-shaped effect of coupon face value on consumer spending level." Journal of Marketing 82, no. 4: 70-85.

Johnson*, Joseph, Gerard J. Tellis, and Noah Van Bergen (2022), “Fooled by Success: How, Why, and When Disclosures Fail or Work in Mutual Fund Ads,” Journal of Marketing and Public Policy. 41, no. 1, 54-71.

Paulson*, Courtney, Lan Luo, and Gareth M. James (2018). "Efficient large-scale internet media selection optimization for online display advertising." Journal of Marketing Research 55, no. 4: 489-506.

Pei*, Amy, and Dina Mayzlin (2021), "Influencing Social Media Influencers Through Affiliation”, Marketing Science, 41(3), 593-615.

Proserpio, Davide, Isamar Troncoso*, and Francesca Valsesia* (2021) "Does gender matter? The effect of management responses on reviewing behavior." Marketing Science, Forthcoming.

Tellis, Gerard J., Deborah J. MacInnis, Seshadri Tirunillai*, and Yanwei Zhang* (2019). "What drives virality (sharing) of online digital content? The critical role of information, emotion, and brand prominence." Journal of Marketing 83, no. 4 (2019): 1-20.

Valsesia*, Francesca and Kristin Diehl (2022), “Let Me Show You What I Did Versus What I Have: Sharing Experiential Versus Material Purchases Alters Authenticity and Liking of Social Media Users,” Journal of Consumer Research.

Valsesia*, Francesca, Kristin Diehl, and Joseph C. Nunes (2017), “Based on a True Story: Making People Believe the Unbelievable,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 71, 105-110.

Valsesia*, Francesca, Joseph C. Nunes, and Andrea Ordanini (2021), “I Am Not Talking to You: Partitioning an Audience in an Attempt to Solve the Self-Promotion Dilemma,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 165, 76-89.

Valsesia*, Francesca, Davide Proserpio, and Joseph C. Nunes (2020). "The Positive Effect of Not Following Others on Social Media." Journal of Marketing Research (2020): 7(6), 1152-1168.

Wei, Yanhao, Jihoon Hong*, and Gerry Tellis (2022) "Machine Learning for Creativity: Using Similarity Networks to Design Better Crowdfunding Projects." Journal of Marketing, 86(2).

Xu*, Zibin and Anthony Dukes, (2021) “Personalization, Customer Data Aggregation, and the Role of List Price,” Management Science, forthcoming.

Xu*, Zibin, and Anthony Dukes (2019). "Product line design under preference uncertainty using aggregate consumer data." Marketing Science 38, no. 4: 669-689.

Zhang*, Mengxia, and Lan Luo (2022). "Can consumer-posted photos serve as a leading indicator of restaurant survival? Evidence from yelp." Management Science.

Zhu*, Yi and Anthony Dukes (2017), “Prominent Attributes under Limited Attention,” Marketing Science, 36(5): 683-698.


Faculty Honors

The research of our faculty has been recognized repeatedly as innovative and highly impactful. Faculty members have been named fellows in the field’s leading professional organizations.

  • American Marketing Association IO Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Vijay Mahajan Lifetime Contribution to Marketing Strategy Award
  • Alpha Kappa Psi Award
  • Harold H. Maynard Award
  • William F. O’Dell Award
  • Donald R. Lehmann Award
  • John D.C. Little Award
  • INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Long-term Impact Award
  • Fellow of INFORMS Society for Marketing Science
  • Fellow of American Marketing Association
  • Fellow of Association of Consumer Research 
  • Fellow of Society of Consumer Psychology


Proven Thought Leaders

Our faculty have a substantial role in shaping the discipline through their positions as editors, associate editors and editorial board members of:

  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Marketing Science
  • Management Science

Our faculty also include former presidents of major professional organizations, such as the Association for Consumer Research, the Association for Consumer Psychology, and INFORMS Society of Marketing Science (ISMS).

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