Program Culture

The culture of the program is research focused, collegial, supportive, and highly interactive. PhD students are “junior colleagues” encouraged to participate in academic research with faculty from the very beginning. The low PhD student/faculty ratio coupled with the faculty’s “open door” policy promotes frequent and meaningful interactions between faculty and students about research, careers and teaching. Students also serve as colleagues and mentors to each other and often develop papers together.

Students are matched with a primary advisor based on their interests and those of their advisors. Students may change primary advisors at any point during the program. We encourage students to work with at least two faculty members aside from their primary advisor.

Research Environment

Faculty and students attend weekly scholarly presentations from invited faculty from around the world. In addition, internal brown bag seminars and reading groups allow students and faculty to exchange ideas and receive feedback on research topics.

Student Background

Our students come from all of over the world. They have strong academic backgrounds and bring with them a variety of experiences prior to joining the program.

Learn more about all Marshall PhD Students in the Marshall Directory. For a list of MOR students in the program please follow this link.


Ph.D. students in the Management and Organization department have contributed to the field by publishing in leading journals. They have also won numerous awards.

Job Market Candidates

The Marshall School of Business contributes to the broad field of academic research as our students go on to be thought-leaders in business schools around the world. These Ph.D. candidates are taking the next step in their academic careers. 

Bo Yang


Our PhD graduates contribute to management research and practice throughout the world. We have a long history of mentoring PhD students who are on the faculty of top universities around the world.

Derek Harmon

Derek Harmon
(PhD 2016)
Assistant Professor of Strategy,
University of Michigan

Maurice Murphy

Maurice Murphy
(PhD 2022)
Assistant Professor,
University of Georgia

Roshni Raveendrhan

Roshni Raveendhran
(PhD 2018)
Assistant Professor,
University of Virginia

Beverly Rich

Beverly Rich
(PhD 2021)
Assistant Professor,
University of Utah

Recent Placements (2017-2022)

Maurice Murphy (2022) Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Mindy Truong (2021) Post-Doc, Northwestern University

Beverly Rich (2021) Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Jue (Kate) Wang (2020), Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Roshni Raveendhran (2018) Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Yongzhi (Alex) Wang (2017) Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

Zhe (Adele) Xing (2017) Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University