Management and Organization

MOR research includes the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the design of organizational structures and the relationship of organizations to their environments. MOR research draws on the basic disciplines of psychology, sociology and economics to investigate research questions in three general areas: organizational behavior, organizational theory and strategic management.

Organizational Behavior

  • How environmental demands affect organization structure and the boundaries of the firm
  • How individuals make judgments, negotiate with others and lead organizations

Organizational Theory

  • How groups (including corporate boards and top management teams) affect and are affected by the organization

Strategic Management

  • How strategy influences organization performance
  • How organizations evolve and change


Developing Strategy and Management Scholars

The aim of the PhD program in marketing at USC is to develop outstanding researchers and prepare them for productive careers in academia. During their studies, students will transition from consumers of knowledge to producers and disseminators of knowledge.

Marshall’s PhD program in management and organization is highly selective. The small size of the program allows for close collaborations between students and faculty and for students to tailor their program of study to fit their background and research interests.

From the beginning of the program, students have the opportunity to engage in different research projects and receive guidance and mentorship from faculty experts. Students are strongly encouraged to develop their own research program and have the freedom to pursue their own ideas.

Faculty members are experts in their areas and are highly committed to the training and guidance of PhD students.

Faculty Coordinator

Scott Wiltermuth, Associate Professor of Management and Organization

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