Management and Organization

MOR research includes the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the design of organizational structures and the relationship of organizations to their environments. MOR research draws on the basic disciplines of psychology, sociology and economics to investigate research questions in three general areas: organizational behavior, organizational theory and strategic management.

Organizational Behavior

  • How environmental demands affect organization structure and the boundaries of the firm

  • How individuals make judgments, negotiate with others and lead organizations

Organizational Theory

  • How groups (including corporate boards and top management teams) affect and are affected by the organization

Strategic Management

  • How strategy influences organization performance

  • How organizations evolve and change

Breadth with Depth

Our faculty and curriculum embody breadth with depth. 


  • Combinations of areas of emphasis and underlying disciplines lead to an array of educational and research possibilities

  • Complementary methods courses

  • Ample elective opportunities to explore underlying disciplines as well as other areas of research interest both within and outside of Marshall


  • Solid grounding in fundamentals within the chosen emphasis

  • Within each emphasis, in-depth instruction on the corresponding underlying discipline 

Faculty Coordinator

Scott Wiltermuth, Associate Professor of Management and Organization

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