In addition to required coursework and independent research, students are actively encouraged to participate in research projects with faculty—preferably as a co-author; attend and participate in the ARFs (accounting research workshops); present papers at, serve as discussants and otherwise attend national conferences; and take additional coursework either for credit or audit to further enhance their knowledge base.

Job Market Candidates

The Marshall School of Business contributes to the broad field of academic research as our students go on to be thought-leaders in business schools around the world. These Ph.D. candidates are taking the next step in their academic careers. Learn more about each candidate by clicking on their name.

AJ Chen

Joon Sang Yoon


Accounting students have won numerous prestigious awards over the past several years. These honors include:

  • Deloitte Touche Fellowship
  • KPMG Doctoral Fellowship
  • AICPA Doctoral Fellowship

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Learn more about all Marshall PhD Students in the Marshall Directory. For a list of Accounting students in the program please follow this link.

Marshall Spotlight

Jung Koo Kang

—Jung Koo Kang, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School