The USC Marshall School of Business fosters an entrepreneurial and global mindset across all disciplines, and this thought-leadership starts in our faculty and student research. Our Ph.D. Program is dedicated to developing researchers who will become innovators as faculty at business schools throughout the world.

A desire to lead through research, academic potential, and personal discipline are the qualities it takes to succeed as a Marshall Ph.D. student. The new students we enroll each year embody this spirit.

This section of our website is dedicated to finding the next generation of Marshall Ph.D. students. Review the admissions information carefully and prepare an application that best expresses your academic abilities, research interests, and future goals.

Thank you for your interest in the USC Marshall Ph.D. Program. We look forward to receiving your application.

Special Note: please refer to final section of the Marshall Ph.D. Program Application to specify the program (accounting, finance, management, marketing, operations or statistics) you would like to pursue.