IBEAR Overview


The International Business Education and Research MBA or IBEAR MBA, is a one-year, accelerated, full time, international MBA program designed for mid career professionals being groomed to assume senior global positions. Established in 1978, the IBEAR program has produced over 1500 alumni in leadership roles in 60 countries across the globe. Participants of this program are very different than those attending a traditional two-year MBA program. With an average age of 34, each participant has about 10 years of work experience, is multi lingual and demonstrates a strong understanding of international business and culture. Being significantly more experienced than a traditional two- year MBA student, the typical IBEAR participant seeks to re-enter the job market at a more senior level upon completion of their diploma. The one-year format of the IBEAR MBA makes the opportunity cost of attending the program more attractive than the two-year MBA. The one-year curriculum is designed to provide a general management education and practice by emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving skills in a global marketplace.

Global Focus

Delivered at USC's Los Angeles campus, the IBEAR MBA class size is limited to no more than 60 participants per year. Diversity is the cornerstone of this program. Participants come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Each year 13-16 different countries are represented in the program ranging from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and India to Norway, Poland, Argentina, Ecuador, South Africa, Nigeria Peru, Mexico, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France, Canada and United States to name a few. IBEAR's award winning faculty too has significant international experience and substantive global expertise. They tend use to more international cases as part of their course work. Participants complete 19 courses and earn 57 credits over 5 intense 8-week terms. The curriculum includes IBEAR courses, electives at Marshall and other USC schools, retreats, networking events, and multiple international travel study components, besides a 41/2-month long management consulting project.

Management Consulting Engagement

The capstone course of the program, the International Business Consulting Project or IBCP, is a client commissioned consulting engagement that integrates all previous course work into a real-world cross border business experience. Small teams of 4-5 IBEAR participants with diverse language, culture, industry and functional skills work together for 41/2 months to solve a pressing global business issue for a client. International travel for research is a vital part of this engagement. IBCP is a transformative experience for IBEAR participants preparing them for management consulting careers, advanced executive decision-making and leadership roles. Since its inception, the IBCP component has successfully delivered over 350 consulting projects for a range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized firms at the forefront of innovation.

Career Services

Helping participants of the program shape their careers is an integral part of the program. IBEAR MBA career services is tuned to the unique needs of its mid career participants. A dedicated career development counselor with international executive placement experience provides an individualized career development plan for mid-career professionals. Extensive career planning along with resume preparation, interview training, career management training workshops and on campus recruiting and interviews are some of the key initiatives of the career development counselor.

Alumni Network

IBEAR's 1700 strong alumni network across 60 countries is the bedrock of the MBA program. Placed in leadership positions across the globe, our alumni build lifelong relationships with each other and IBEAR. They often hire IBEAR candidates in their companies, and actively make themselves available for networking and career advise. They mentor current participants, recruit future candidates for the MBA program and are a great job search resource. IBEAR alumni chapters are very active in many cities worldwide. Participants also have access to USC's global Trojan network.

Top 10 Ranking in International Business

Both US News and Financial Times rank USC Marshall School of Business among their top 10 for international business. The USC Marshall School of Business moved into 10th place among nationally ranked US business schools in a survey of corporate recruiters conducted by The Wall Street Journal. Poets and Quants currently ranks IBEAR as 4th best of 1-year MBA programs in the U.S. The Marshall School is ranked in the Top 10 by both the US News and World Report and the Financial Times.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Multiple scholarship and financial aid options are available to self -sponsored participants. IBEAR Global Business Fellow awards tuition scholarships of up to a maximum of  $45,000 to high potential self-sponsored international and U.S. candidates. The Hanjin/KAL Scholarship is awarded to one Korean/Korean American participant each year, while the Honjo Foundation/J.G. Lewis Scholarship is offered to one deserving Japanese candidate every year.

Off campus housing subsidy at an attractive location is provided through IBEAR's residential college program. The subsidy offered amounts to $9,000 for candidates attending the program alone or with their spouse, and $15,000 for those candidates attending with their family.

IBEAR Distinguished Graduate Scholar offers merit scholarships to candidates at the top 20% of their IBEAR class who wish to pursue additional graduate study at any USC graduate school upon completion of their MBA.