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Vishal Gupta

  • Dean’s Associate Professorship in Business Administration
  • Associate Professor of Data Sciences and Operations
  • Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (by courtesy)

Vishal Gupta is an Associate Professor of Data Sciences and Operations at the USC Marshall School of Business. Because of his research interests and expertise, he also holds a courtesy appointment in USC Viterbi’s School of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering and is an affiliate faculty with USC’s Center for AI and Society.

Before joining USC, Vishal Gupta completed his B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy at Yale University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with honors, and completed Part III of the Mathematics Tripos at the University of Cambridge with distinction. He then spent four years working as a “quant” in finance at Barclays Capital, focusing on commodities modeling, derivatives pricing, and risk management.

Eventually, Vishal realized how much he missed working towards a larger mission of impact, and left the private sector to complete his Ph.D. in Operations Research at MIT in 2014.

Vishal’s research focuses on data-driven decision-making and optimization, particularly in settings where data are scarce. Such settings are common in applications that rely on personalization (like precision healthcare) and real-time decision-making (like risk management). Consequently, his research spans a wide variety of areas including revenue management, education, healthcare, and artificial intelligence.

Vishal has received a number of recognitions for his work, including the Wagner Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research, the Pierskalla Best Paper Prize, the Jagdish Sheth Impact of Research on Practice Award.

Vishal Gupta

Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Data Algorithms
Healthcare Analytics
Machine Learning
Robust Optimization


Data Sciences + Operations

Centers + Institutes

Institute for Outlier Research in Business


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