Hovig Tchalian

Assistant Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship
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Hovig studies how the social conversation around new technologies impacts processes of market emergence. His research focuses on nascent and specialty contexts, where the socio-cultural meaning of markets is especially prominent.

In particular, Hovig studies the strategic categorization efforts of auto manufacturers launching into the problematic Electric Vehicle (EV) category. He also has a few ongoing studies on the impact of digital technologies on exchange in upscale handicrafts such as specialty coffee and craft whisky.

Hovig has also developed computational methods for studying large-scale emergence, including a well-cited paper with co-authors on using topic modeling to render theory.
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H. Tchalian, M. Voronov () "Generous Spirits: Sacred Economies, Category Consecration and the Upscaling of Canadian Whisky ,"  Academy of Management Journal (targeted).
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