Xinghao Qiao

Assistant Professor, London School of Economics
Ph.D. in Statistics
Graduated 2015

Xinghao Qiao completed his Ph.D. in statistics at USC Marshall in 2015 and is already building a distinguished profile that crosses national borders. As a tenure-track assistant professor at the London School of Economics, Qiao is expanding our knowledge of functional data analysis, high dimensional statistics and time series analysis, as well as their applications in business.

For Qiao, the path to success passed directly through USC Marshall. “Marshall consists of a group of world-famous junior and senior statisticians,” he says, and the school’s renown played a crucial role in his ability to “seek good academic positions around the globe.” Qiao also benefitted, he says, from the ways in which Marshall encourages Ph.D. students to leverage the caliber of its faculty and the quality of its programmatic offerings.

“At Marshall, I had great opportunities to work with well-established statisticians that led to several high quality papers [one of which, “Index Models for Sparsely Sampled Functional Data,” was published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association]. I also had the chance to meet with world-class seminar speakers and to take multiple elective courses that helped me ground academic concepts in the real world.”

Qiao was drawn to Marshall for its reputation, its resources and its selective admissions. “Since USC only admits a small number of students in the statistics program, the program quality remains incredibly high, and it guarantees a high ratio of faculty to students,” he says. This helps ensure faculty members are able to dedicate a “significant amount of time to the students, allowing them to graduate with the strongest possible records and best prospects for a top academic post.”

Professional development at Marshall was another major selling point for Qiao. “The statistics group took time to walk me through the job application process, helping me prepare for interviews and honing my presentation skills,” he says. “The valuable feedback I got built up my confidence” and ultimately enabled him to land a dream job in a competitive marketplace.