Marshall Undergraduate Business Ranked in Top 5

Poets & Quants recognizes USC Marshall undergraduate program as No. 3 in the country


January 27, 2022
Fertitta Hall
Fertitta Hall, USC Marshall's Undergraduate facility.

USC Marshall’s four-year undergraduate program in business administration was ranked No. 3 in the country by Poets & Quants, the online publication that covers all things related to business schools.

The last time USC Marshall participated in those rankings was 2016, when it was ranked No. 13.

“I started in my role as vice dean 19 months ago, and shortly thereafter it became clear to me that we are a top program,” said Raman Randhawa, vice dean for undergraduate programs and professor of data science and operations. “I view this ranking as a validation of that belief.”

 “Poets & Quants is a rigorous, metric-based ranking comprising three equally weighted areas of admissions, student experience and career,” Randhawa said. “It weighs admissions and student careers on common metrics, and student experience is ranked via a survey of recent alumni.”

The Marshall School is one of only a handful of so-called comprehensive busines schools—those that offer a four-year undergraduate major in business as well as MBA and specialty programs at the graduate level. Marshall also runs a prestigious doctoral program training the next generation of business scholars and high-level analysts.

Randhawa thanked members of his undergraduate staff, including Tiffiani Frye, Onma Lwin, Maureen McHale, Sean O’Connell, Arthur Alba and Shannon Faris.

He also thanked members of the faculty, including accounting program leads Rose Layton and Smrity Randhawa; World Bachelor in Business lead Gerald Giaquinta; Business of Cinematic Arts lead Marion Philadelphia; and Carl Voigt, who leads the Global Leadership Program.

Randhawa also thanked school leadership, including Dean Geoff Garrett, Deputy Dean Gareth James and Chief Financial Officer Janet Horan for their support. “We could not have reached this milestone without the support and vision of Geoff, Gareth and Janet,” he said.

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