Mission Statement

Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute exists to connect the world through Global Supply Chain Management with Network, Education, and Advanced Research (NEAR).

Capitalizing upon its global network, industry experience and renowned faculty, USC Marshall is poised to become one of the top thought leaders in the realm of global supply chain management. As an industry leader in cultivating top business talent, the Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute will lead the effort to streamline efficiency and supply chain in our increasingly global economy. Our state of the art resource institute will work with country-specific supply chain gateways to keep our member community updated with news, trends and critical changes in the industry.

Why Global Supply Chain Management?

In conjunction with the exponential growth of the global marketplace, demand for jobs in supply chain management continues to increase as well. Already, global supply chain management and all its facets account for 14% of the world’s GDP. According to the Journal of Commerce, by 2016 it is projected that there will be an astonishing 200,000 unfilled job positions in the realm of Global Supply Chain within The United States alone. With the industry experiencing such aggressive expansion, the institute will continue to grow alongside it with new partnerships and expansions to its network across the globe.

It is becoming evident to entities operating on a global scale that supply chain and its functions encompass everything, including marketing, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, inventory management, information technology, and customer relations. Global corporations are only now coming to realize that understanding how to operate effectively within the global supply chain is not simply a tactical function, it is an intrinsic business function.