Finance, Marketing, and Law, OH MY!

March 04, 2019
• by
Veronica Hartling

Coming to USC as a freshman, I knew two things about my educational path. The first

was that I was attending my dream school, the USC Marshall School of Business and that I

wanted to work in the music and entertainment industry. I was aware that USC had a variety of

double majors and minors that I could pursue to achieve this. The following semester, I applied

for the Music Industry minor. My semester flew by, and I continued taking the Marshall core

classes, which I really enjoyed! I loved my economics class even more than the one I took in

high school and to my surprise, accounting was a fun, new project to tackle. As I neared the

end of my sophomore year, I knew I had to enroll in my junior year classes, which meant I also

had to pick an upper division concentration.


While I loved the classes in the Marshall core curriculum, I was unsure of which

concentration I wanted to pursue. While I loved the core classes I had taken, accounting,

marketing, economics, and statistics (to name a few), I did not really see myself blending 12-

units of these paths with the entertainment industry, as I had once hoped. However, upon

further research, skimming through the list of concentrations, I did not even realize I could

study such a multitude of unique subjects.


One of the best aspects of the Marshall School of Business is that with upper division

electives, one can choose to focus in one specific concentration area or dabble across the

board. Marshall has so many concentrations to choose from. (Marketing, all types of finance,

hedge funds, entrepreneurship, real estate, management, venture capital, data sciences, and

much more!) I chose to focus all of my electives in one area, Corporate Compliance and Risk

Management, also known as a Pre-Law concentration. This was a leap for me. I had always had

an interest in law, and I figured this concentration would be a great way to try it out. I took

classes from esteemed professors in the Management (MOR) department and the Finance,

Business and Economics (FBE) department. These were some of my favorite classes at USC, and

the surprising part was that I hadn’t fully been exposed to this curriculum prior to choosing a

concentration! That is truly one of the best things about Marshall – having the opportunity to

learn a completely new area of business tailored to your own specific career path.