Seeing the World Through Marshall

June 19, 2015
• by
Vittorio Masina ’18

As a high school student in Italy, I visited Universitá Bocconi, one of my country’s best business schools, and learned about a fascinating degree program: the World Bachelor in Business. I instantly fell in love with the idea of visiting three continents, studying at three universities — Bocconi, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Southern California — and earning a degree from each one of them.

The WBB is so selective, I never imagined that I would make the cut. But being chosen as one of the 40 students in my cohort this year was just the beginning of my exciting and world-class adventure.

My first year at USC Marshall has been incredible — and different from my school experience in Italy in all the right ways. WBB students, as with all USC students, can take electives in computer science or join clubs and organizations and sports. I have been able to visit startups in L.A. and Silicon Valley through the Marshall Entrepreneur Club, and have spent many hours sharing my perspective with others as a Student Ambassador for WBB and USC.

I even got to travel some more—to Buenos Aires, Argentina with my LINC class. At Marshall, the opportunity to learn about international business never ends!

But the best part of the program has been my fellow students. I feel as close to them as I do to my friends back in Italy. We call each other the WBB Family.

As for my new extended family — it is true what they say about the Trojan Family Network — it helped me expand my business network in all directions, giving me the chance to get in touch with and learn from people involved in all sorts of fields.

In Italy, students don’t look for internships — they start working after college. However, this summer I decided to keep myself busy: I will apply the business administration skills Marshall taught me to assist my grandmother in the running of a small pharmacy in northern Italy. When I’m done with the internship, I will donate some of the money I earned to USC.

I feel compelled to give something back in return for the remarkable opportunities I have been exposed to. Even students can give and make a very big impact. It is part of what makes us family. We help each other.

When I graduate, I definitely want to work in international business, and I know that with my WBB experience I will stand out in a crowded field. I will have already proven that I can work with different cultures and adapt to different environments.

Coming from another country, another culture, I tend to see USC and Marshall through different eyes, and to not take this amazing opportunity that I was offered for granted. I am profoundly grateful for this journey and for being given the chance to join the Trojan Family. I hope you will join in supporting the school that offers endless opportunities for students like me to thrive!

Grazie, and Fight On!

Vittorio Masina ’18