Student Experience

Masters of Marketing Seminars

Masters of Marketing Seminars allow students the opportunity to make initial contact with company executives. The seminars feature marketing experts and senior executives who come to the USC campus to have discussions with students on their industries, companies and careers.


The Masters of Marketing

We invite executives from the world’s leading companies to participate in round-table discussions. A series of Masters of Marketing Seminars are scheduled each fall. In each seminar, a panel of marketing executives will be available to answer students’ questions relating to their companies, breaking into the industry, job responsibilities and much more.


Passion for Marketing

Our MS in Marketing students come from many different backgrounds, but share a common passion for marketing.

 The Trojan Network

Becoming a graduate of the Marshall School of Business allows you to join the Trojan Network, one of the strongest alumni networks in the world. The Trojan Network includes over 375,000 USC alumni, with over 88,000 alumni from the Marshall School of Business.


M.S. in Marketing Advisory Council

MS Marketing Advisory Council

As ambassadors of the M.S. in Marketing program at Marshall, the Advisory Council is a group of students that support the administration in enhancing the professional and academic experiences of students in the program while functioning as their collective voice. The members of the Advisory Council, who are elected by their fellow students, define their Mission and Vision as follows:


Represent the professional interests of the program student body and bring continual value to the degree.


Set an undisputed standard as one of the top specialized M.S. in Marketing programs in the world for individuals looking to further their depth of knowledge in marketing.

The Advisory Council holds regular meetings in order to ensure that all student voices are being heard by program administrators, that the program is being represented in the Marshall community, and that M.S in Marketing career activities are being supported by members of the student body. Student members of the Advisory Council contribute to the program by assuming one of the following five council positions.


The President is responsible for leading meetings by setting the agenda for discussion and following up with council members to ensure completion of assigned tasks. It is the job of the President to ensure effective teamwork between all members of the Council and make sure that important events are planned and held on a regular basis. Jacqueline Bridgford is the current President of the Advisory Council.


The Secretary is required to lead meetings in the absence of the President and is responsible for documenting all meetings by taking minutes and following up with action items. The Secretary may also assist other members of the Council in their tasks and responsibilities whenever needed. Jamie Peng is the current Secretary of the Advisory Council.

Career Development Chair

The Career Development Chair’s duty is to keep the student body apprised of career-related events taking place within the program and on campus. They are tasked with providing support to students in activities related to career development, and to coordinate and provide logistical support for such events. Nicki Trinh currently holds this position on the Council.

Social Events Chair

The Social Events Chair plans, coordinates, and holds social gatherings and other such events for the M.S. in Marketing students throughout the entire year. They encourage social engagement and interaction among all students, particularly during the festive seasons. Mariia Merzliakova is the current Social Events Chair of the Advisory Council.

International Student Ambassador

The International Student Ambassador functions as a liaison between the program leadership and international students to support and enhance the international student experience at Marshall and within the program. They also coordinate with the Career Development Chair and the Social Events Chair to ensure the voices of the international students are being heard. Lora Liao currently holds this position on the Council.

Part-Time Student Ambassador

The Part-Time Student Ambassador functions as a liaison between the program leadership and part-time students to support and enhance the part-time student experience at Marshall and within the program. They also coordinate with the Career Development Chair and the Social Events Chair to ensure the voices of the part-time students are being heard. The current Part-Time Student Ambassador is Chelsea Robinson. 


All students in the program are encouraged to run for these positions and use the opportunity to represent the best interests of the student body while propelling the M.S. in Marketing program at Marshall to new heights. Please feel free to contact the Council at with any questions. Fight on!