Tuition & Funding

Master of Science, Food Industry Leadership (MS.FIL)


Program Cost


•    $57,000 – Based on per unit cost or $1,912.00 x 30 units for the program. Tuition is broken down over four (4) semesters and is due at the beginning of each semester. 

Mandatory One-time Fees* 

•    $155 - USC Marshall application fee (non-refundable).
•    $1,500 - MS.FIL commitment deposit (non-refundable). Commitment deposit will apply towards first semester MS.FIL program fee. 

Mandatory Semester Fees (4 semesters)*

•    $1,500 - MS.FIL program fee (per semester). Includes textbooks, course materials, meals offered during class in the Residential Intensive Weeks, parking. 
•    $40 - Student programming fee (per semester). 
•    $8 - Norman Topping Student Aid Fund (per semester).

Travel & Residence
Hotel, airfare, and extra-curricular meals during the Residential Intensive Weeks will be paid directly by students and are not included in tuition or program fees. Although hotel rooms will be booked for the Residential Intensive Weeks, students are not required to stay at the hotel and may make alternate arrangements. 

Health Insurance
Students who are carrying 6 or more units will be automatically enrolled in USC’s student health insurance plan. The off-campus student cost of this insurance is approximately $3,760 per year. Students who already carry their own insurance can waive this charge by opting out of the USC student health insurance plan at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters. Go to the USC Student Health Insurance page for more information. 

Financial Aid  
Many organizations provide educational assistance for their employees. In addition, graduate students may be eligible for financial aid through the University. For more information, please visit USC Financial Aid for Graduate & Professional Students or go to Investing in Graduate Education.

In addition to financial aid, MS.FIL students have access to a variety of scholarships. We urge interested applicants to learn more about the following to see if they qualify:

Byron Allumbaugh Scholarship
Full scholarship granted to one FIM student or alumni each year
Send inquiry to

WAFC Scholarships Education Fund
Employees of WAFC partner companies and graduates of the Retail Management Certificate Program and/or FIM Program
Send inquiry to

Illuminators College Scholarships
Education Foundation
Food industry employees or family members of Illuminators, CGA, or WAFC Member Organizations
More information at

California Grocers Association College Scholarships
Educational Foundation
Employees or family member of CGA Member Companies
More information at

National Grocers Association College Scholarships
Education Foundation
Employees or family members of NGA Companies
More information at

*All pricing subject to change and may vary by semester. Additional costs may apply.