Student Testimonials

Hear from our students.


Class of 2019

"I think the MSF program benefited me in two major ways. The first, is in terms of the curriculum and how it provides me the toolkit allowing me to tackle my day-to-day work. The second, which I think is more amazing, is by really integrating me in to the great Marshall and Trojan network. It allowed me to get to know and talk to a lot of great people and understand different perspectives in the industry and gain great connections which I think will help benefit me in building my career." - Yujuanzi (Jennifer) Li

"What made me choose USC Marshall was essentially the Trojan Network, the opportunity to learn from industry experts and the prestige associated with the Marshall School of Business and USC. The opportunity to learn from professors who have been experts in the field for 20-25 years and the experience that they bring in, is something that really helped me develop as a person professionally which will definitely help me to be successful in the corporate environment in the future." - Harsh Jain

"I decided to pursue this program right after finishing my undergraduate degree in accounting because I wanted to have exposure to a broader context of accounting information with applications to capital markets and corporate strategies. After this program I am joining a PhD in accounting program. The curriculum of the MSF program itself provides a very good combination of both theoretical and mathematical foundation for my future research." -

Liuxuan (Laura) Gao

"I am from Accra, Ghana. I moved to the US for undergrad. I have a technical background, I studied petroleum engineering and chemical engineering. I wanted to pivot into finance and the MSF program was a good way to do that. I was very interested in working with companies and strategic thinking that goes into energy companies in particular." - 

Kwabena Gyimah-Asante


Class of 2018

“My classmates in the program are from a lot of different countries, a lot of different majors, and a lot of different universities and I really like that diversity. Being able to mold all of our skills when working on projects together gives me a lot of insight into people’s backgrounds. I think this will be really useful for me when I’m working in the future.” - Aarthi Kodiyalam

“What made me choose USC Marshall, specifically the MS in Finance was three things: the Trojan network, the location being LA, and the flexibility in the program allowing me to focus on the parts of finance that I am really interested in.” - Ryosuke Murai

“The faculty at Marshall are very inspirational. For anyone who wants to pursue a career in academia, they need to be taught by professors with amazing records. I definitely got that here. In addition to the fact that they are great researchers, they have an amazing technical aspect when they teach. Many of the professors were able to help us in the world of coding, programming, and applying these very technical aspects in finance.” - Mohammad Alhassan

“The Master in Finance curriculum is designed to strategically empower financial professionals to be extremely proficient in critical skills such as portfolio management, forecasting, risk management, and corporate governance. Also, being in Los Angeles as an international student has a huge advantage of being in a community that is diverse and accepting of not only race, but also ideas.” - Rasha Al Sager

Class of 2017

“The faculty here is diverse in regards to their background. You get not only the academic point of view but you also get people that have been working in investments or private equity for 20-30 years. The speakers that they bring into the classroom adds a lot to the overall program and overall experience.”
- Jordan Mondshine

“I applied to USC mainly because of the Trojan Family Network. Coming to USC you really experience the sense of family. USC gives you a holistic experience. It is not only what you learn in class or read about in text books but it is the connection that you have with your friends, classmates, professors and the directors of the program as well.”
- Juliana Kim

“Finance tends to be a broad topic; you could be in one area of finance and not even encounter the other. What the MSF does in particular is it allows you to taste test every aspect of finance and from that choose what you find most interesting and what you want to pursue a career in.”
- Sid Vyas

“I’ve learned many great lessons from the Master of Science in Finance program that I know I will take with me into my career. I think one of the most important things was obviously improving my analytical skills but also working in a team environment. I know throughout my career I will be working in teams and I was able to learn and develop those skills through this program.”
- Jamie Carter

Class of 2016

A Global Experience

“USC Marshall has taught me lot. I believe it is definitely a unique place to be. It has one of the most diverse, international campuses around the U.S. Hence I was able to meet people from all different backgrounds and really broaden my horizons.”
- Peter Ding

The Trojan Family

“The network is so strong and so large, I know that any career choice or questions I have…I know that if a USC alumni is there…I know that they’re more than willing to help me.”
- Tiffany Liou

Award-Winning Faculty

“The MS in Finance faculty is really a very, very knowledgeable group of teachers that are leading finance in the educational field as well as in the outside world. Several of them sit on the board of directors of companies, several of them own their businesses, and that is making sure that you are being taught by people in finance who have the outside knowledge.”
- Pelayo Méndez

The Curriculum

“Here at Marshall I have been able to learn a lot of knowledge that hasn't been just from a textbook but more real-world experience – things that you wouldn't necessarily learn at any other school.”
- Katherine Breiding

Class of 2015

Collaborative Learning

“The program is set up in such a way that not only do you work on teams…but the demands of the projects are so diverse that they call on skillsets from everyone. So we all learn from each other.”
- Uka Amah

A Customizable Curriculum

“Overall the general breadth of the whole curriculum is the programs greatest asset.”
- Kimberly Su

A Dedicated Faculty

“I absolutely love the faculty in the program. They're very experienced in terms of teaching and they're very resourceful when it comes to helping students find their dream jobs.”
- Sanam Aghnami

A Unique Experience

“Being in Los Angeles has allowed me to explore all of these different career paths so well throughout the program because I've been close to all of these different parts of finance.”
- Patrick Lataitis