The Business Analytics Student Association (BASA) is a student-led organization that empowers MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) students to establish their professional presence, become leaders in the field, and innovate the business analytics landscape. BASA's mission is to serve, represent, unite, and advocate for MSBA students. The Association aims to provide meaningful opportunities for MSBA students to enrich their student experience, expand their network, and catalyze their personal and professional growth. BASA empowers MSBA students with the tools to make the world a better place as future business leaders.

BASA’s Short and Long-Term Goals:

  • Industry talks
  • Company visits
  • Conferences
  • Skill-development workshops
  • Regional alumni network
  • Mentorship program
  • Social activites
  • Periodic newsletter
  • Community Service

BASA Executive Board:


Hadeer Hammad, President

Hadeer serves as the President of BASA. Her role is to primarily advocate for the students' voice as well as lead the organization’s strategy, oversees its execution, and ensures that it aligns with the organization’s mission and purpose. She strives to make BASA a comfortable space where students voice themselves comfortably, build a strong sense of community, and pass and maintain the organization's legacy across generations. In her free time, you would find her running, writing, swimming, reading, or playing tennis.

Adam Tassabehji, Vice President

Adam serves as Vice President of BASA. His responsibilities include strategy development and managing the organization’s relations. One of his key aims is to enhance the quantity and quality of career-related opportunities for MSBA students. Adam’s an avid skier, beach volleyball player, and foodie.

Yangzi Zhang, Student Wellness Chair

Yangzi serves as the Student Wellness Chair of BASA. Her position entails facilitating a comfortable space for the students to voice any issues they may have, determine the most prominent issues that the students are experiencing, and find solutions to tackle those issues through creating events/workshops and promoting on-campus resources. Outside of the classroom, she is a huge fan of USC Football, enjoys hiking and boxing, and aspires to become a professional cello and piano maker along with pursuing her career goals.

Fabbiha Islam, Program Relations Chair

Fabbiha serves as the Program Relations Chair for BASA. Her role includes building a stronger connection between current students and program alumni through networking and mentorship opportunities, in order to strengthen the MSBA alumni network. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts, trying new food, and watching Trojan football.

Lingrou "Yoki" Wang, Events Coordinator

Yoki serves as the Events Coordinator of BASA. Her role entails designing the flow of events as well as managing their setup. She is inspired to create meaningful social and career development events to enhance the experience of
MSBA students and alumni. She enjoys traveling, thriller movies, and discovering great restaurants.

Junchu Zhang, Marketing Chair

Junchu serves as the Marketing Chair of BASA. Her role includes enhancing the organization’s branding image to internal and external stakeholders as well as strengthening its influence and exposure across the university. She enjoys traveling in her spare time.

Zongyang "Jay" Jiao, Treasurer

Jay serves as the Treasurer of BASA and he has a strong interest in finance. He oversees the organization's budget and handles any financing-related matters. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and working out.

Xindi Zhu, Secretary

Xindi serves as the Secretary of BASA. Her main duties include facilitating internal and external communication and overseeing the progress of each officer. She enjoys reading and playing board games when she has time.

Suraj Patel, Head of Events Planning

Suraj serves as the Head of Events Planning for BASA. He is in charge of organizing social and professional events in order to improve the overall experience of MSBA students and alumni. He is a part of the USC Cricket team. He also loves to travel and take part in adventure sports.