The Business Analytics Student Association (BASA) is a student-led organization that aims to fulfill the professional, social, and wellness needs of MSBA candidates at USC Marshall. Our aspiration is to enrich the student experience of our members, while fostering a strong sense of community within our program. BASA organizes a wide range of initiatives including industry talks, skill development workshops, social gatherings, and cultural celebrations.

BASA’s Short and Long-Term Goals:

  • Industry talks
  • Company visits
  • Conferences
  • Skill-development workshops
  • Regional alumni network
  • Mentorship program
  • Social activites
  • Periodic newsletter
  • Community Service

BASA Executive Board:


Adam Tassabehji, President

Adam's responsibilities include setting the vision for BASA, and aligning the team’s efforts with key stakeholders. His focus is to strengthen the intimate family feel of the program, and to make the MSBA student experience as memorable as possible. Adam’s an avid skier, beach volleyball player, and foodie.

Yangzi Zhang, Vice President

Yangzi serves as the Vice President of BASA. Her position entails strategy development and relationship management for the organization through facilitating a comfortable space for the students to voice any issues they may, creating events/workshops and promoting on-campus resources. Outside of the classroom, she is a huge fan of USC Football, enjoys hiking and boxing, and aspires to become a professional cello and piano maker along with pursuing her career goals.

Lingrou "Yoki" Wang, Head of Professional

Yoki serves as the Events Coordinator of BASA. Her role entails initiating events ideas, designing event details and ensuring event success. She is inspired to create meaningful social and career development events to enhance the experience of MSBA students and alumni. She enjoys traveling, thriller movies, and discovering great restaurants.

Fabbiha Islam, Head of Strategy & Communications

In her role, Fabbiha serves as a liaison for the organization by communicating with internal and external parties involved in BASA's operations. She supports the team with strategy development and operational planning, and hopes to build stronger connections between students and the MSBA program's professional network. Her interests outside the program include traveling, live music, and trying new food.

Xindi Zhu, Head of Operation & Finance

Xindi serves as the secretary of BASA. Her role includes internal logistics such as budget planning and operations. She also contributes to event ideas and supports other team members to land events to the ground. She enjoys wine tasting, hiking and reading.

Suraj Patel, Head of Community

Suraj serves as the head of events of BASA. His role includes envisioning, planning and hosting social, cultural and professional events to enrich student interactions and experience at MSBA. He is a partygoer, captain of USC cricket team, loves to travel and watch soccer (Manchester United).