The Business Analytics Student Association (BASA) is a student-led organization that aims to fulfill the professional, social, and wellness needs of MSBA candidates at USC Marshall. Our aspiration is to enrich the student experience of our members, while fostering a strong sense of community within our program. BASA organizes a wide range of initiatives including industry talks, skill development workshops, social gatherings, and cultural celebrations.

BASA’s Short and Long-Term Goals:

  • Industry talks
  • Company visits
  • Conferences
  • Skill-development workshops
  • Regional alumni network
  • Mentorship program
  • Social activites
  • Periodic newsletter
  • Community Service

BASA Executive Board:


Yutong Wanyan, President

Yutong is responsible for not only setting the vision for BASA but also coordinating BASA executive team. She communicates with stakeholders and makes sure BASA events are meaningful, achievable, and mostly importantly, supportive to our MSBA student community. Yutong strongly believes the true leadership means to listen carefully as well as to develop other people for their full potentials. Yutong is a huge fan of ACG (animation, comic, and games) cultures. She writes her own fanfictions online and loves to be a storyteller.

Lingyi Xu, Vice President

Lingyi serves as the Vice President of BASA. Her position entails strategy development and relationship management for the organization. She is inspired to establish a family-based environment for BASA members and bring the organization to the next level through communication and execution. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys traveling and photography. She is also a foodie who loves to cook, bake, and share delicious food with friends and families.

Peter Sun, Head of Professional Event Coordinator

Peter serves as a professional event coordinator for BASA. He contributes to the team by designing and organizing professional events, and his goal is to ensure all students to be prepared for a successful career. During his free time, he is a dog lover, and he enjoys traveling and hiking with his two dogs.

Joyce Yam, Head of Communications

Joyce’s role as the Head of Communications involves being the liaison between the student body and administration, listening to student feedback, and creating promotional materials for BASA events. Her goals are to expand MSBA’s professional network, create accessible resources, and organize memorable events for the student body. In her free time, Joyce enjoys traveling, hiking, and trying new recipes.

Anushka Kapur, Head of Operation & Finance

Anushka serves as the Head of Operations and Finance for BASA. Her role includes planning the budget and operations for events hosted by the organization. She hopes to build stronger connections between students in the MSBA program. Her interests outside the program include traveling, hiking and playing soccer.

Kiran Masood, Head of Community

Kiran is serving as the Head of Community for BASA. Her role includes organizing social, cultural and professional events for the MSBA community to enhance their experience at USC. She is a Fulbright scholar, cat mom and loves camping!