Master of Science in Business Analytics


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The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree requires 33 units, taken in 3 semesters (with the flexibility of extending to 4 semesters): Fall, Spring, and Fall. There are 21 units of required coursework, including an internship opportunity, plus 12 units of coursework chosen from a list of electives.

Students who have taken one or more of the required courses elsewhere may petition to substitute one of these courses with electives or related courses. Please view the USC Course Catalogue for more details on our curriculum.

Application to the traditional, residential (campus-based) program is open to all candidates regardless of location. In addition, beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2022, candidates who currently reside in the state of California will be eligible to apply for admission to our online MSBA cohort. With the same curriculum and faculty as the residential program, the online cohort will gain the same knowledge and skills without relocating or giving up job opportunities.

All students, whether online or residential, will work with the program office to create schedules that work for them.

Sample Schedule

First Semester (Fall) 

  • GSBA 545: Data Driven Decision Making (1.5 units)
  • DSO 510: Business Analytics (1.5 units)
  • DSO 545: Statistical Computing and Data Visualization (3 units)
  • DSO 570: The Analytics Edge: Data, Models, and Effective Decisions (3 units)
  • DSO 552: SQL Databases for Business Analysts  (1.5 units)

Second Semester (Spring)

  • DSO 530: Applied Modern Statistical Learning Methods (3 units)
  • GSBA 542: Communication for Management (1.5 units)
  • DSO 553: NoSQL Databases in Big Data (1.5 units)
  • Elective (3 units)
  • Elective (1.5 units)

Summer Term 

  • DSO 595: Internship (1.5 units)

Third Semester (Fall) 

  • DSO 573*: Data Analytics Driven Dynamic Strategy & Execution (3 units)
  • Elective (3 units)
  • Elective (3 units)
  • Elective (1.5 units)

*DSO 573 can be replaced with DSO 574 (Getting Ready for Big Data), which is offered in the Spring