Master of Science in Business Administration

MS BUSAD applicants are invited to consider areas of specialization available to Marshall M.B.A. students. Consult the Elective Course Guide (ECG) at for descriptions of currently available concentrations. Access the USC Schedule of Classes at for recent and current class schedules.

The student identifies an area of interest as part of the application process. Applications are reviewed by faculty from the academic department responsible for teaching the subject matter in the individual's area(s) of interest, and a faculty advisor is appointed by the department. Final determination of coursework requirements is made under the guidance of and subject to approval by the faculty advisor. Applicants may later recruit a different faculty advisor from among the faculty of the Marshall School of Business. (Faculty profiles are available on the departmental web sites or through the Marshall Faculty Directory.)

Together the student and the faculty advisor determine which courses the student must complete. An evaluation of work previously completed determines if prior work needs updating to prepare for new course work. If it is determined that preliminary courses are needed, the number of units needed to complete the master of science degree will increase. The student's program is then documented on an official program of study form and filed with the MS BUSAD program advisor.


Completion of the master of science degree requires a minimum of 24 graduate units for all candidates.

None of the GSBA prefixed classes required for completion of a Marshall M.B.A. program may be applied toward the Master of Science in Business Administration unless they are required to update prior work and are added to the 24-unit total.

No courses numbered lower than 500 may be included in this program. No more than two courses or 8 units may be taken in graduate course work outside the Marshall School of Business.

Transfer credit? No None of the courses taken to complete the M.B.A. can be applied toward the Master of Science in Business Administration. The MS BUSAD degree is designed to provide those who already have completed an M.B.A. with an opportunity to expand their knowledge base in areas not covered during their M.B.A. studies. Applying old coursework to the degree would not contribute to achieving this goal.


For additional information contact or call (213) 740-3198.