Master of Medical Management

The Master of Medical Management (MMM) program at the University of Southern California trains healthcare executives in the critical management skills necessary to successfully lead organizations, with an emphasis on chief executives and entrepreneurial thinkers, either within large organizations or new ventures. The MMM program requires four, seven-day residential sessions over a twelve month period. During the interim periods between residential sessions, the program includes off-campus projects, assignments, and some modules that are taught in a distance learning format.

Curriculum Overview

Master of Medical Management
(33 credits and 25 CMEs)

  • On Campus Session I
    • Financial Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Fundamentals of Marketing
    • Leveraging the Human Resource
    • Managerial Statistics
    • Organizational Culture, Conflict, and Change
    • Physician Executive as Entrepreneurial Thinker
    • Role of the CEO
  • On Campus Session II
    • Applied Managerial Statistics
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Feasibility Plan Development
    • Inflection Mapping: Developing a Strategic Perspective
    • Managerial Accounting: Budgeting, Planning & Control
    • Medical Informatics
    • Management and Organizational Design
    • Marketing Management and Communications
    • Service Operations: Design, Delivery & Quality
  • On Campus Session III
    • Individual Project Plan Development
    • Economics in the Healthcare Industry
    • Information Systems Strategy
    • Leading and Managing High Performance Healthcare Teams
    • Marketing Strategy
    • The CEO as Strategist
    • Strategic Alliances in Healthcare and Competing in a Changing Environment
    • Organizational Strategies for Developing Competitive Advantage
  • On Campus Session IV
    • Board Governance
    • Executive Leadership
    • Financial Strategy
    • Making the Project Plan Operational
    • Executive Negotiation Skills
    • Role of the CEO in Transforming Cultures
    • The Future of the Physician Executive

*Interim sessions will include team projects, individual assignments, and some courses taught in a distance learning format. The interim sessions are designed to extend and enrich the learning from the four on-campus sessions.

Business Plan

With the guidance and mentorship of Marshall faculty, students work on assignments throughout the course of the MMM program that take an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial business concept, and progress through the development of a feasibility plan, culminating in a fully implementable business plan.