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Master of Business for Veterans

MBV Cohort IV

Takiesha Waites-Thierry, Michael Guadan, and Jessica Bradshaw were among the MBV Cohort IV students who graduated with the Masters of Business for Veterans degree at the University of Southern California last May 2017. The now MBV alumni shared their experiences and goals while attending MBV.



“As I am transitioning out of my military service into civilian life...I wanted the diversity I knew the MBV program would offer. I strongly believe that diversity is what forms opportunities...the USC network and how they make you feel like you are family." 

Lawrence Fung
B.S., Dental Hygiene (USC) 
DDS, Dentistry (USC)
Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant



“I chose the MBV program because I liked how it recognized the value in my military skill sets and experiences, while allowing me to transfer and develop those skills in a business aspect.” 

Karen Hearn
B.S., Marketing (Florida International University)
U.S. Army, Sergeant (Reserves)


Entrepreneurship Experience

“The MBV program here at SC is a roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty, entrepreneurship program." 

DesaRae Janszen 
B.S., Government (USCG Academy) 
MBA, Telecommunications (Keller Graduate School of Management)
M.A., Communications (Hawaii Pacific University), USCG, Commander (Active-Duty)


Marshall Brand

“The MBV program absolutely assisted my in my career search upon graduation… I was recruiting with some of the biggest brands here in America and used the Marshall brand as leverage and centerpiece of my education experience… ” 

Jesse Perez 
B.A., Political Science (UC Berkeley)
 USMC, Staff Sergeant (Veteran) 
MBV Cohort I Graduate


Grade A Professors

“Our professors are grade A and very knowledgeable about a lot of different things… some of their experience comes from industry, while some come from academia… but they have really been there and have been teaching for a really long time.” 

Jermaine Rawlings 
B.S., Finance (Bowie State University) 
USAF, 1st Lieutenant (Veteran)