Video Profiles

Master of Business for Veterans (MBV)


“As I am transitioning out of my military service into civilian life...I wanted the diversity I knew the MBV program would offer. I strongly believe that diversity is what forms opportunities...the USC network and how they make you feel like you are family."
Lawrence Fung, MBV 2
B.S., Dental Hygiene (USC) 
DDS, Dentistry (USC)
Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant


“I chose the MBV program because I liked how it recognized the value in my military skill sets and experiences, while allowing me to transfer and develop those skills in a business aspect.” 
Karen Hearn, MBV 2
B.S., Marketing (Florida International University)
U.S. Army, Sergeant (Reserves)

Entrepreneurship Experience

“The MBV program here at SC is a roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty, entrepreneurship program." 
DesaRae Janszen, MBV 2
B.S., Government (USCG Academy) 
MBA, Telecommunications (Keller Graduate School of Management)
M.A., Communications (Hawaii Pacific University), USCG, Commander (Active-Duty)

Marshall Brand

“The MBV program absolutely assisted my in my career search upon graduation… I was recruiting with some of the biggest brands here in America and used the Marshall brand as leverage and centerpiece of my education experience… ” 
Jesse Perez, MBV 1
B.A., Political Science (UC Berkeley)
 USMC, Staff Sergeant (Veteran) 
MBV Cohort I Graduate

Grade A Professors

“Our professors are grade A and very knowledgeable about a lot of different things… some of their experience comes from industry, while some come from academia… but they have really been there and have been teaching for a really long time.” 
Jermaine Rawlings, MBV 2
B.S., Finance (Bowie State University) 
USAF, 1st Lieutenant (Veteran)